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You never know how life is gonna turn out, everything could change in the blink of an eye. I say this because I've experienced it, multiple times.
—Ralos Velense

Ralos Velense was a human male who served the Galactic Republic as a volunteer trooper that went on to become a Jedi Knight throughout the Clone Wars. During the Clone Wars, Ralos led a battalion known as the 31st Nexu Battalion under the command of Jedi General Hera Ragose, but later leads the 606th Legion when he gains the rank of Jedi General. He survived Order 66 and lived on into the Empire Era, but kept hidden on Contruum. While on Contruum, he married former Jedi Knight Yiela Garenza and had a child with her, a girl named Sharleen Velense.

He lost his parents, brother and sister at a young age when they were attacked by raiders on Tatooine. His uncle, John Gettow, was coming by to return something until he noticed their home on fire and the body of Ralos' dad outside, he found Ralos hiding and took him in. His uncle was a trader in a small town on Tatooine that also had a collection of blades and was a trained swordsman. He trained Ralos in sword training, up until raiders came into place again, attacking the town and killing his uncle that was defending the town along with a few other men. Ralos, who was 14 at the time, took his uncle's vibroswords from his collection and fled until he was found by some pirates who took him in, giving him gun training throughout the years spent together.

He went on to be a wanted bounty hunter until he heard of the Galactic Republic and decided to volunteer, hoping to make use of his training to prevent what happened to him when he was younger. During the Clone Wars, Ralos came across an ancient sith's tomb. The sith's spirit corrupted him, turning him towards the dark side for a while. He was able to surpass the hold of the dark side and later join the Jedi Order. He was on Coruscant when Order 66 was put into play, on his way back to one of the Republic bases along with the squad known as Burner Squad. He escaped his men when they were given the order by stealing a speeder and heading off to the base to get his Jedi Starfighter. Later, now on Contruum, he learns of the Rebels and how they destroyed the 2nd Death Star, that's when he decides to notify the Rebels of his existence. He takes in a padawan named Andrew Crelonn, of the New Jedi Order. He later is killed by an inquisitor while defending his padawan, which is injured at the time.


Early LifeEdit


Ralos lived a fairly simple life on Tatooine as a kid. His father delivered things for a living while his mother stayed home and tended to things around the house. Ralos' age at the time of this simple life was 12, while his brother was 14 and his sister 15.

Ralos always had a strong urge to help people. All he could do was watch as people would get mugged in the middle of town. It tore him up from the inside knowing that he was in no position to help at such scenes, he was too small, too weak. The urge to help people became stronger when his home was raided.

Everyone was home, doing their own things, his father looking for delivery orders to take while his mother cleaned up the house. None of them expected it, it happened quickly, Ralos ran off to hide due to being told by his mother. His father was the first to be killed as he ran for his gun and went to face them outside, though was immediately killed. Ralos hid in a small cramped closet, clothes covering him. He heard his mother's scream as he heard a gun shot go off. His brother and sister hid too but were unfortunately found and shot dead. The raiders luckily didn't find Ralos and left, with much of his family's possessions.

After all that, Ralos stayed hidden in the closet, crying silently. His uncle came by and found him; he took Ralos in and gave him sword training, hoping he could use the training to defend himself. Ralos stayed with is uncle for 2 years up until the point that the town that they stayed in was also raided. Ralos lost his uncle in the raid, though he luckily survived this raid as well. He ran away with some supplies in a small backpack; he took his uncle's vibroswords with him, as a way to defend himself and to remember his uncle.

Ralos was found by a group of pirates, first thinking to take him in as a slave to sale, but overruled it as Ralos was quick to fend them off. One suggested to take him in as a new member and so they did; the leader of the pirates which was a Weequay named Jaluk Votch, gave Ralos gun training.

Once Ralos was old enough to fend for his own; do whatever he wants, he left the pirates. He was given a good farewell as he considered the pirates family now, Jaluk took the role of a father figure. Ralos left and decided to go into the bounty hunter business, time with the pirates clouding his vision on justice.


As Ralos started off as a bounty hunter, he was pretty successful. During his bounty hunter years, he wore a dark grey exo suit with red highlights and a black cloak. He equipped himself with two vibroblades, two DL-18 blaster pistols, and a sniper rifle he managed to get his hands on.

Now 25, Ralos was doing good in his bounty hunter career. Almost every bounty he took, he got done with ease. One bounty, he was offered was to kill a tyrant king, which he gladly took and finished. As Ralos moved on in his career, he obtained enemies from all around. He had bounties on his head. The most prominent one was that from the newly founded Galactic Republic.

This led Ralos to start remembering what he originally wanted to do in life, help people, prevent things such as what happened to him when he was young. Upon hearing about the battle on Geonosis, he decided to join the Republic, becoming a volunteered trooper within the army of clones.

Trooper TrainingEdit

Upon signing up for the Republic army, Ralos was sent to Kamino for training, though he thought it unnecessary since he was already an expert fighter. He was put in a cadet squad that consisted of two clones and one volunteer, evening the numbers. Upon their first few training sessions, they were pretty successful, Ralos seen as the leader in almost all the sessions. Him and his squad were successful upon their final training task, afterwards becoming official troopers, Ralos earning the rank of Corporal.

The Clone Wars (22 - 19 BBY)Edit

Year One (22 - 21 BBY) Edit

Battle of LanosEdit

After Ralos and his squad-mates were made troopers of the Galactic Republic, they were sent to the Galactic Republic controlled planet Lanos, which was under attack by Separatist forces. Ralos and his squad-mates fought long and hard throughout the battle. The effort in the end came up as pointless since the Confederacy obtained Lanos. Ralos' squad that luckily survived the whole ordeal, ended up being sent off-world due to the lost battle. Once off-world Ralos was given the rank of Sergeant and a squad-mate of his, CT-9955, was awarded Corporal.

Battle of Atraken Edit
I hope this is all worth it."
"It's worth it, its gotta be worth it.

—CT-9955 to Ralos

A while after the Battle of Lanos, Ralos and his squad was sent to Atraken. Upon arriving on Atraken, Ralos' squad witnessed the tragedy that was happening to Atraken's population. CT-2129/14, one of Ralos' squad-mates, met a young human girl only to find out that she was dead the next day due to toxins. Ralos' squad was assigned under clone commander CT-3921 during the battle. Ralos' squad spent around 4 months on Atraken. While on the front-lines, Operation Katabatic was put into place and Ralos' squad had to follow their commander which led a great mass of troops onwards to the droid forces that lie ahead of them. They pushed on until they reached a Separatist base, to which they headed in and took over, losing a good amount of men during the push. With Operation Katabatic a success, Ralos' squad were sent off-world, Ralos earning the rank of lieutenant and CT-9955 earning Sergeant-Major. The other two squad-mates were given the rank of Corporal.

Battle of CartaoEdit

After the Battle of Atraken, Ralos' squad was sent to Cartao to help in the battle against the Separatist. Ralos and his squad were put under the command of Jedi Knight Jafer Torles. While under Torles' command, Ralos was placed in command of Torles' troops , CT-9955 as second in command. Ralos' showed great skill and leadership while on the front-lines of Cartao, him and his troops downing many droids and tanks. When General Fyefee Tiis's ship disabled the Separatist Droid Control Ship, Ralos' and his troops were given advance time before the Separatist Droid Army could be activated. Ralos and his troops, alongside Torles, were able to successfully defeat the Separatist's forces. After the battle, Ralos was offered the chance to become an Advance Recon Commando, an offer that he took. After accepting, he was sent to Kamino to be trained in the new Advanced Recon Commando Training Program, leaving his squad behind.

ARC Training ProgramEdit

While under the guidance of the ARC troopers, Ralos and a few other troopers selected for the program, honed their skills. While a couple of troopers struggled in training, Ralos excelled. With Ralos' excellence growing, so did his reputation. Many troopers of the program showed appreciation towards Ralos. Alpha-17 saw him as a promising ARC trooper. While in the program, Ralos became friends with CC-2592, CT-3272, CC-5581, and VT-9912; VT-9912 being a volunteer trooper named "Vaser". Within a few weeks, Ralos was officially one of the most skilled troopers within the program, if not the best. He was a great shot, very skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and was very strategic. Though, he was known to be a little bit rational at times.

When it was time for the end of his training, he was set as an ARC trooper, was promoted to Captain, and was given a company to lead. Clones of the program were given nicknames by Alpha-17. The names of Ralos' friends were as followed: CC-2592 was given the name "Verza", CT-3272 was given the name "Upgrades", and CC-5581 was given the name "Avier". Upon graduation, troopers were given the opportunity to customize their armor according to their designated unit.

After graduating the program, Ralos customized his ARC trooper gear. Ralos' armor sported red markings, similar to ARC-77 Fordo, but instead had a bit more red and some dark grey on it. Ralos put a red upside-down triangle, with a red line forming a triangle over it, on his chest-plate. Ralos ordered in for his company to be fitted in an armor design similar to his, minus the triangle. The design Ralos came up for his company continued on to be the design of the 606th Legion, the unit that the company was a part of. After equipping his newly customized gear and ordering in gear for his company, Ralos left off for Jabiim, alongside a few troopers of his newly founded Coal Company. The company was part of the newly founded 31st Nexu Battalion, a battalion that specialized in assault, infiltration, and reconnaisance.

Year Two (21 - 20 BBY) Edit

Battle of JabiimEdit

Ralos and his newly-founded company are sent to Cobalt Station on Jabiim, to help out with the Battle of Jabiim, a battle between the Republic, the Confederacy, and the Jabiimi. During the battle, Ralos met up with his old squad-mates, which joined him and his battalion, though they weren't officially part of his battalion at the time. Through the battle, the Republic suffered heavy losses, including one of Ralos' squad-mates, CT-9955, affecting Ralos and his other two squad-mates greatly. With the Republic losing the battle, an evacuation was due, Ralos and his remaining squad-mates, alongside some troopers of his company, being evacuated. After the loss, Ralos offered his old squad-mates to join the 31st, which they accepted.

Battle of CereaEdit

After the Battle of Jabiim, Ralos, now leading Coal Company of the 31st, alongside his newly formed Burner Squad (his old squad-mates), is sent to Cerea. Upon Ralos' ship arriving in orbit, LAATs containing 31st troops were launched. Ralos got on a LAAT with Burner Squad, also accompanied by a platoon of random troopers as well as his battalion's Jedi General Hera Ragose. While on route to Cerea's atmosphere, the LAAT was hit, crashing not far from a battlefield. Ralos and his squad survived, as well as Hera, but most of the platoon was killed, only four troopers left when they had up to nine. After checking to see if the pilot survived (which he didn't), Ralos and his remaining troopers followed their Jedi General towards the gunfire. They met up with the other 31st, at fire with droid forces.

After minutes of firing, the 31st took out half of the droid forces that stood in their way. Ralos ordered for the troops to move up, him and troopers running straight towards the remaining forces and taking them out. After pushing through more droid forces, Ralos and his troops were nearing to a city. Ralos and Hera met up with Ki-Adi-Mundi while moving towards the city. Upon entering the city, they are involved in a big battle against droid forces and Commerce Guild forces. After the two hour long battle, Republic forces set up camp and helped civilians caught up in the mess.

Ralos and his troops remained at the city, defending it and tending to the civilians. Ki-Adi-Mundi and his troops left, as well as the 31st's Jedi General, leaving Ralos in control of the area. While at the city, a large unit of droid forces appeared. The 31st went on into a hour long battle with the droids. While at fire with droids from the front, a unit of commando droids sneaked in to flank the 31st while they were distracted. Upon realizing, Ralos had to take a platoon to deal with the commandos, leaving a now smaller number of troops at the front-lines. Ralos and the platoon were able to defeat the commando droids, with few casualties. Ralos and the platoon immediately rushed back to help the remaining troops deal with the droid forces at the front. After the battle, Ralos had orders to remain stationed in the city. With a few more attacks every now and then, the 31st survived through the month long Battle of Cerea, which ended with the assassination of Bo-Ro-Tara.

Rescuing Jedi Garado PandoryEdit

Two weeks after the Battle of Cerea, Nautolan Jedi Master Garado Pandory is captured by General Grievous after having his Republic attack cruiser boarded by the General. Ralos and Hera's battalion teams up with Jedi General Yalg Glee and his battalion to plan a rescue mission. Ralos and Hera locate Grievous' location and prepare to journey there. Hera's and Yalg's cruisers met Grievous' fleet orbiting Vassek. Both Hera's and Yalg's ships engaged in combat with Grievous', distracting Grievous so Ralos and two squads could take a captured Maxillipede shuttle to sneak towards his cruiser. Ralos' ship was able to successfully sneak through, boarding a hangar of Grievous' cruiser. Upon boarding, Ralos alongside Burner Squad and Jekker Squad, snuck to the hallways of the ship. They proceeded towards the location of Garado, CT-7090 leading the way.

When nearing the hallway that leads towards the cells, Ralos and his troops were met by a platoon of B1 battle droids. They had to quickly take cover as the droids immediately started firing upon them. Ralos and his troops took out a few of the droids before trooper Sheela Garenza made use of a thermal detonator and took out the rest of the platoon. After dealing with the droids, they proceeded towards the cells, taking out the cell's guards. Upon entering Garado's cell, they found the Jedi Master bounded by electrical chains. Ralos was quick to shoot them out and they soon prepared their way back to their ship, Garado along with them. As they trekked back to the location of the ship, they were encountered by a squad of droids. Ralos alongside Sheela and CT-7860, held off the droids as the others made it to ship. Ralos, Sheela, and John prepared to enter the ship once everyone entered but John was shot in the head before he could reach the exit.

Ralos witnessed John's death as Sheela entered the ship. Ralos, in anger, threw down a thermal detonator at the increasing number of droids, before exiting towards the ship. The droids were blown up right as the ship left the hangar. Once knowing that Garado has been successfully rescued, Hera tells Yalg to have his ship fall back. Yalg hesitantly orders for his ship make leave. Ralos' ship soon docks Hera's cruiser, Hera quickly getting the clear to leave. They leave immediately, Ralos and Hera's ship successfully meeting up with Yalg's later.

The Battle of Sajun BeginsEdit

In 20 BBY, Separatist forces arrive on Sajun, where a small Republic base of operations was located. The Galactic Republic is quickly notified, sending in the 31st Nexu Battalion's Coal Company. Ralos was with the 31st at the start of the battle, leading Coal Company onto the front-lines. Ralos stayed on Sajun for weeks, until one day, he is called upon to take on a special mission. He places CT-6580 in command of the 31st on Sajun before taking his leave. Ralos doesn't return to Sajun straight away after his mission; he instead later visits Sajun occasionally to help out.

Battle of AnsionEdit

When the planet Ansion was invaded by Separatist forces, the Galactic Republic sent the 31st Nexu Battalion to push the droid forces off-world. The 31st's Coal Company took charge during the battle. Ralos participated in the battle, Burner Squad alongside him. While CIS and Republic cruisers fought in orbit, LAATs were deployed, making their destinations the planet's surface. Most LAATs landed near the planet's capital, 31st troops having to be deployed outside the city due to droid forces occupying the inside. Hera Ragose assisted the outer city troops. Other LAATs went over the city to drop off jet troopers. Ralos and Burner Squad joined the jet troopers, jumping alongside the 31st's Jump Squad. Troopers that survived the jump landed within the city's streets, having to quickly find cover in buildings.

Ralos and Burner Squad joined up with Jump Squad after the jump, making their way to the city's center. While making their way towards the city's center, they joined up with more troops. When nearing the center, they were met by a large number of droids. Ralos had one member of Burner Squad and one of the random troopers follow him while the rest stayed to hold off the droids. Ralos, alongside CT-5601 and CT-7090, made their way to the city's center, where the city's main political building was located. Within the building was the planet's leaders, under the capture of a tactical droid, the droid leading the invasion. Ralos had CT-5601 , snipe the tactical droid, successfully eliminating the droid commander. They then continued to enter the building, taking out the small number of guarding droids, and freeing the leaders. Republic forces that landed outside the city soon pushed through the droid defenses, entering the city to take out remaining droid units. Ralos' platoon from earlier soon reunited with them, helping them secure the area. After the Battle of Ansion, the Republic had 31st units stationed on the planet.

The CallingEdit

After the Battle of Ansion, Ralos was on board his battalion's cruiser, fixing his malfunctioning rangefinder equipped to his helmet within his private quarters. As he works on it, he hears a distant voice. He looks around, but upon further inspection, he finds himself to be the only one present. Upon hearing the voice once more, he questions who's there. The unfamiliar voice, that of a male's, tells him to head towards Korriban. With an eagerness to discover who was speaking to him and to see what is on Korriban, he takes an V-wing starfighter equipped with a Booster Ring to Korriban, telling questioning troopers that he's got a secret mission. Upon arriving at Korriban, Ralos gains a wary feeling. Once landed, the voice speaks to him again, guiding him towards a tomb.

Once Ralos finds the tomb, he senses a great, unfamiliar darkness, emanating from it. He finds a coffin within the tomb, continuing on to read inscriptions on its sides. Upon reading the inscriptions out loud, the coffin shifts back, revealing a secret passage. He enters the passage, later finding a strange, red glowing object, a holocron. Once he touches the object, it shakes and opens, red mist flooding the room. A voice booms throughout the room as a figure appears in-front of the holocron. The figure, which is wearing torn black robes and damaged steel armor, greets Ralos. The figure reveals itself to be an ancient sith known as Darth Kavalarr, as well as an ancestor of Ralos. Ralos, unaware of his lineage, begins questioning Kavalarr. After a long conversation, Kavalarr reveals to Ralos that he has Force capabilities and that he should learn the ways of the force from his holocron. In some deception, Kalavarr successfully persuades Ralos to look into his abilities. Next he guides Ralos, showing him towards a chest in the room, revealing Kalavarr's saber. Ralos soon leaves the tomb, the holocron and saber with him. After leaving, Ralos scrounges around the ruins that surround the tomb. He finds old sith armor, equipping himself with it before leaving the planet.

Reign of TerrorEdit
Loss and RediscoveryEdit

Personality and traitsEdit

Ralos was usually a very stoic seeming person, led on to be so through his past which he had a hard time forgetting. Though he had a hard life, he always tried make the best of things, by trying to look on a brighter side of things and joke around at certain times. In battle he would try thinking a little more strategic on the what to do, but this wouldn't always be the case as he would be seen going head on into battle at times. Whenever Ralos had a chance, he would try to help others to the best of his abilities. Often jeopardizing a mission, as well as his life.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Ralos was a highly trained swordsman, due to his uncle and his jedi master later on in his life, both being greatly skilled swordsmen themselves; the ones that trained him. He was also a great marksman, able to shoot a bird down with a pistol of his if he wanted to.

His connection with the force was very weak through most of his life, which is why he was a trooper through most of the clone wars. He only ever tapped into the force through a holocron at an ancient tomb, that tomb belonging to an ancestor of his which was a sith. He was able to surpass the hold of the dark side and later become part of the jedi order, where he honed his force abilities.
Ralos Jedi Knight Lightsaber Drawing

Ralos' lightsaber.

Equipment Edit

He wore a few different sets of armor during the Clone wars. Through the beginning wearing phase 1 ARC trooper armor, then upgrading from then on. He had worn two sets of phase 2 ARC trooper armor due to one of his sets getting so busted that he had to get a new set.

Captain Ralos

Ralos in his Phase I ARC trooper armor.