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The Rakatan King List was the name given to a holographic record made by the Rakata Infinite Empire towards the end of their civilization, circa 25,500 BBY, to record the history of the Rakatan ruling dynasties of Over-Predors. The King List itself was recovered by Czerka Corporation archeological team during the Cold War in the Eternity Vault, an ancient prison built by the Rakatans thousands of years before. The King List ended up in a university on Coruscant to be studied. Only fragments of information were recovered due to the damage that the King List sustained over the years, and Republic historians believed that much of the information it presented may have been mythological, although given the natural ability of the Rakata in the dark side of the Force it was not entirely impossible to be have been true.

Information on the King List was also referenced by studying information available from other ancient races that were active at the time, including the Kwa and the Gree, although confirming the names given on the list from outside sources was also difficult. Nonetheless, the King List was considered to be among the most valuable recovered artifacts that provided information on Rakatan history by pre-Republic era historians.


The length of the reign of each Over-Predor (roughly analogous to the position of king, or more specifically, the king of kings) was recorded in the Rakata recorded using sars, a Rakatan length of time that was slightly shorter than the standard year used by the rest of the galaxy by the time of the Old Republic and believed to be related to the orbital period of Lehon, the Infinite Empire's former capital.

First dynasty of Lehon

According to the prevailing view of historians and pre-Republic specialists, the first dynasty was likely mythological. Although since it occurred so long ago it was impossible to say for sure. From the fragments of information historians interpreted the founding of the first dynasty of the Infinite Empire as at the same time as the reptilian Kwa species visited Lehon and granted the Rakata their technology. Thus some theories suggest that the first dynasty actually was led by Kwa, who ruled the Rakata.

Second dynasty of Lehon

Possibly was the first Rakata ruling dynasty, and around this time the Rakata began developing their space technology, although largely remained within the systems known as the Unknown Regions.

First dynasty of the stars

The next dynasty was thought to be the one that began the exploration and conquest of the galaxy for the Infinite Empire, it also was the period in which the war between the rising Rakata empire took place against the ancient and powerful Celestials, or the Architects. It was also thought that there had been a short war over succession.

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