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Post-Legacy era

I've seen it, all of it. All of you, in the name of peace, have killed and made suffer so many. If that pain can't be avoided... then I will not run from it, like you. I will not hide or disguise it. I will embrace it! And so will the universe.
—Raixan Fauth[src]

Raixan Fauth was a male Force-sensitive warlord who became known as the Eater of Stars. Hailing from the Unknown Regions, he would briefly serve the Galactic Federation Triumvirate alongside several others as they attempted to bring law and order to his region of the galaxy during the years following Darth Wredd's insurgency. His experiences would change him, however, and he came to believe that imposing order upon the galaxy was a fool's errand, and that its natural state of chaos and conflict was ideal. He used what he had learned from the military, coupled with his own power and strategic genius, to form a lawless fighting force that drove the Triumvirate from his home and began to ravage the rest of the galaxy, culminating in the fall of Coruscant, the galactic capital, which destroyed any remaining rule of law in the galaxy and plunging it into an age of chaos.

By 1140 ABY, Fauth's forces roamed freely throughout the galaxy, quashing any attempts to rebuild government, as well as those that had survived the devastation. The warlord was now free to pursue his next goal: the mixing and destruction of the light and dark sides of the Force.


Early Life

You hear plenty of rumors, out here among 'em. They like to talk about this boy. Wizard commander. Terrifyin' warrior. Now, we don't really speak the same language, so I can't be sure if this kid's real or some sorta myth, but if he is...
Gobber Kridder

Birth of a Warlord

Assault on the galaxy

A Dramatic Debut and Lifelong Ally Gained

Plunging Towards the Core

Raixan Fauth has long been so much more than a mere man. He has become the embodiment of every injustice, every tragedy, every disaster that has befallen the galaxy, that it has tried to move beyond. He gives voice to the pain and suffering of eons. And so, so many hear him.
Hurd Les'ul, following the commencement of the Hutt War of Extermination.

Taking Coruscant

The New Galaxy

Conflict in the Cluster

Personality and Traits


Blue Glass Arrow.svg Main article: Raixan Fauth's armor

Fauth's armor before becoming a Force Wielder (sans cape).

Fauth's armor after becoming a Force Wielder.


Hate me, if you want. Worship me, if you please. I do not care what the galaxy sees in me. I came not as a teacher or a ruler, but as a liberator. And the cause of freedom cares nothing for the liberated.


When faced with an opponent of overwhelming power, it's only natural to deny your mind's natural impulses to run. To do so, you build up courage. Against a strong enough enemy, needing so much courage to face, you easily forget how powerful they really are. You delude yourself into thinking you stand a chance of winning. But this is just a facade, and when it shatters... then there is despair, and for me, victory.

Powers and Abilities

Lightsaber skills

Force powers

True to his philosophy, Fauth was a practitioner of both the light and dark sides of the Force. His presence was notably 'feverish' when felt by other Force-sensitives, hot and cold clashing together and causing feelings of illness or revulsion.

Among Fauth's most notable (and neutral) abilities was his exceptional skill at both shatterpoint detection and battle meditation. He proved capable of sensing shatterpoints not only in people and specific situations or battles, but through the use of meditation could expand his view to detect shatterpoints in the galaxy itself; they were all bound together to create 'webs' of cracks that he could influence, though it appears that this ability's efficacy was reduced after the Fall of Coruscant; Fauth would comment that the entire galaxy had become a shatterpoint at that stage. One of his pet projects involved attempting to locate one such point in the Force, though as of 1140 ABY he had not yet discovered anything that could produce the desired effect.

When combined with his skill at battle meditation and personal charisma, Fauth was able to strategically take charge of his troops at key points in battles and sow the most chaos on the field, to the point that it was said among Triumvirate forces that to have Fauth take the field was to lose any hope of winning the battle.

Light side abilities

Dark side abilities

Chaotic abilities



Modelled after the original and made using the same techniques, Fauth's Soulsaber was a lightsaber-like weapon that emitted, like its predecessor, a dark violet blade with a near-black core. Red and blue sparks or flecks danced along it, providing it with a further distinctive appearance. With a draconic base whose mouth snapped open and eyes glowed when activated, its hilt and blade length were more akin to a lightclub; it often served a double purpose as Fauth's scepter of sorts. An additional electrum coating further increased its regal visage.

While a powerful blade in its own right, the Soulsaber's corruptive effects were also useful against opponents whom he hoped to sway from their current and often more dogmatic position to his own views of chaos. Unlike the original, which radiated purely dark side energy, Fauth's version was a Force nexus attuned to his own particular philosophy: the same feverish feeling that accompanied his presence was amplified and extended when it was activated. Even holding it apart from its creator and owner would have a similar effect to any Force-sensitive, regardless of their orientation.

As a mortal being, Fauth kept the soulsaber concealed somewhere within his hip armor, to be removed with great foreboding when necessary. As a Force wielder, he displayed the ability to seemingly conjure it from thin air; whether it was now a construct based off the original, lost in his transition, or not remained unknown.

Behind the Scenes

Fauth was portrayed by voice actor Keith David.




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