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Railcema Bylissura, also known as: Renasura was a Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars. She was the older twin sister of: Sana-Jis Ilowa.


She was the older twin sister of: Sana-Jis Ilowa. Like her sister, despite her age, she had the ability to retain her youthfulness, through the Force, much like: Fay and Jiraiya Uzukariya. She had an astounding growth rate ability: she grasped the basic control of advanced techniques in mere weeks, where it should taken months or even years for ordinary Padawans her age to master. Her advanced progressive rate earned her the rank of Jedi Knight. It was later revealed to her, that she possessed the Growth Rate Gene, explaining her natural ability to learn at such an accelerated rate.

Renasura joined a number of Jedi on the Second Battle at Jabiim. When the CIS forces launched a full strike attack force upon the Jedi and Republic Calvary stationed on the Shelter Base whom Renasura, Dalnus Cam, and her twin sister: Sana-Jis Ilowa immediately prepared to defend the Republic base. The CIS forces eventually began to overpower the Jedi and Republic forces, and Renasura told Sana-Jis to take cover and hide, while she and Dalnus set out to draw the CIS forces away from the Shelter Base.

At first, Dalnus was skeptical to Renasura, implying to her if her decision was the right course of action that would save Sana-jis, and Renasura assured him all would be fine and the two entered a battle to lure the CIS droid forces away from Shelter base. Renasura believed her sister would be alright because she believed her sister's abilities with the Force and had the potential to become a great Jedi like herself.

It would be the last time, Sana-Jis would ever see her sister or Dalnus again.

The distraction that Renasura and Dalnus provided allowed Sana-Jis Ilowa to escape the Shelter base before it was destroyed and overran by CIS forces, engulfing the base in flames. She was the sole survivor of the Shelter base, and she set off to find shelter where she managed to survive for several weeks, unnoticed and discovered by CIS Forces. When ARC Commander: Gohan and the Republic Calvary arrives on Jabiim to search for survives, Sana-jis joins the search party in hopes of discovering her sister and Dalnus Cam, but to no avail they find no trace of her or Dalnus Cam on Jabiim. Although Gohan was about to declare Renasura and Dalnus dead, Sana requested Gohan to list Dalnus and her sister as: MIA, to which he did.

After the siege, Sana returns back to Coruscant, and she began her training alongside: Aubrie Wyn, in order to become a great Jedi Healer.

At some point during the Clone Wars, Jiraiya Uzukariya, managed to get hold of Rallcema's genetic material, and began creating batches of clones for himself, to serve as his: Clone Handmaidens.

Sana-Jis Ilowa's Likely Scenario

Although she is not seen or found ever again, however Sana inclines to believe that her sister may have had a romantic relationship with Dalnus Cam, as she sensed her love for him through the Force. Sana believes that Renasura and Dalnus, may have fallen away from the Republic and the war, and may have gotten married and started a family of their own on a distant planet, after fleeing from the Jabiim battle together.

As of 1 ABY, Renasura and Dalnus are still considered: MIA.


Although the original Renasura is considered missing, her legacy continues on, through Sana, and the batches of clones, created out of her genetic material, from Jiraiya Uzukariya. One clone derived from her genetic material was: Zalane Goshinto, who although didn't display Force-Sensitive abilities, grew to become a skilled Bounty Hunter.

Another clone, modified with Force-Sensitive abilities named: Rallcema Bylissura, became the Jedi Master to: Qui-Gon Valorum.

Years later, Sana-jis would encounter a rogue Clone Handmaiden named: Raya Bylissura, who escaped one of Jiraiya's cloning business facilities, who was on the run, and sought out Sana-jis's assistance in order to earn her freedom.

It was Clone General: Gohan, who discovered Raya on a mission, and had explained herself to him. Gohan brought Raya to Sana-jis and from there, Gohan and Sana-jis learned of the legendary Jedi Sage: Jiraiya Uzukariya and his reputation as a "Master Cloner" and his affinity for women. Jiraiya treasured and favored all the women he cloned, and he persistently sent clones of his highly trained women or men, to pursue and retrieve Raya. Sana-jis recruited Gohan who agreed to help Raya. Through Gohan's actions, Gohan managed to obtain Saya's freedom, after Gohan convinced Jiraiya to cease his attempts to pursue her and eventually manages to recruit Jiraiya into the Rebel Alliance in the fight against the Imperial Empire. Raya requested an "asylum" to remain with Sana-jis, as they two were blood related sisters. With Raya liberated, Sana took the role as "older-sister" to Raya, who was a younger version clone of Railcema Bylissura, her older sister.

If Renasura and Dalnus were indeed still alive, then it is possible that her children would continue the Bylissura lineage.

Behind the scenes

  • It is possible Railcema was the female Human Jedi who, while using the Force in an attempt to free a Galactic Republic's walker stuck in the mud. Alternately, either Sana-Jis or Rallcema may have been the female Human Jedi who unfortunately reported all clear at Shelter Base just before the Separatist attack upon the base.
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