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Battle of Tizgo V


Second Battle of Tershin

Raid on Ommol

Great Liberation


Destroy the shock tank factory


101 ABY






Golden Empire

Tetrarchy of Mezlagob


Tariun Sakaros


20 commandos, including members of the Combat Saboteurs

  • ~600 living soldiers
  • ~1,000 battle droids


  • ~40 during battle
  • ~95% of survivors killed during the explosion
Civilian casualties

Numerous scientists executed or killed

The Raid on Ommol was a covert sabotage and assassination mission to the shock tank factory on Ommol during the Great Liberation. It was led by Tariun Sakaros and a direct reprisal for the death of Keltrayu because of a shock tank at the Battle of Tizgo V.

Sneak attack

Consumed with grief and fury at the death of her apprentice and best friend, Rin organized the mission while the Armada was still doing repairs at Tizgo V itself, even before the fleet launched the re-capture of the Xoquon sector. Rin considered going personally, but Tariun volunteered for the mission instead. Aquila Corcer asked to go as well, but Tariun had him stay behind to act as a bodyguard for Rin. Numerous Tetrarchy commanders were interrogated for information to support the raid, and Rin eventually ripped the information straight out of their minds when they tried to resist.

Taking only a small team of twenty commandos and using intelligence furnished by captured Tetrarchy databanks at Tizgo V, Tariun snuck a stealth freighter into the Mezlag sector and decanted from hyperspace at Ommol. Using codes furnished from Rin's "interrogations", he was allowed to land on the system. He set the freighter down a kilometer away from the facility, and the team snuck forward. While Tariun used the Force to distract the guards, the strike team slipped in through a maintenance tunnel they cut open with the Sith Lord's own lightsaber.

Bombs away

Lightly armed and armored to allow for stealth, the group tried to avoid combat whenever possible, though they were forced to down some patrols of battle droids. Tariun departed from the commandos as they approached the main reactor, where they would be setting charges. The Sith Lord snuck into the main database, killed the guards, and forced the scientists present to download the facility's information for him. Once he had it on a datacard, he personally killed all the scientists, both as punishment for working on the shock tanks in the first place and to ensure they would not escape and take their knowledge with them.

Meanwhile, the commando team achieved the reactor room, killed several guards, and set charges on key coolant lines. Sabotaging the energy shielding on the reactor core, the commandos made their out, running into only a single patrol. Tariun arrived in time to massacre the guards from behind and led the retreat out. The damage to the reactor led the Tetrarchy to announce a general evacuation, but the Sith again left his group in order to destroy the main gate control and prevent any shock tanks from leaving the facility.

The commandos made their way back to the ship, and Tariun cut through a watch tower and leapt from three stories up to follow them. Once he was out of range, the team leader detonated the charges, and the resulting series of chain reaction explosions consumed the facility, wiping it out completely. Only a small fraction of the Tetrarchy soldiers managed to get far enough away to avoid the blast, but Tariun let them escape alive to carry the story to others.


Rin Sakaros herself went on her brother's shadowfeed into the Tetrarchy HoloNet to announce the victory and to warn that any enemy force or army which fought with a shock tank would be executed to the last being. Some forces which had access to shock tanks refused to use them for that reason during the rest of the war.

Many Tetrarchy loyalists in the Mezlag sector panicked at the idea of the enemy—and the enemy general, at that—being able to sneak onto Ommol and escape. Even as the Tetrarchy tried to characterize the destruction of the facility as a terrible industrial accident rather than sabotage, the Tetrarchs pulled more forces into defensive formations in the Mezlag sector, aborting a half-planned campaign to retake Tizgo V. Rin later believed their fear for themselves put them on the defensive and kept the Xoquon sector safe as the Empire retook its own territory and then launched the Capture of the Vall`to sector.

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