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Today has proven that the Steel Legion is more than capable of taking on the Empire.

The Raid on Mygeeto was the second battle during the Hunt for the Impervious Device that occurred a few years before the Battle of Yavin.


It occurred when the powerful criminal organization known as the Steel Legion, led by the droid Unit 8311, raided an Imperial vault on Coruscant alongside rebel forces in search of a secret piece of Imperial technology known as the Impervious Device, a machine capable of rendering an object invulnerable. During the raid, the Legion discovered intelligence of an Imperial research base on Mygeeto, and so 8311 immediately began planning an attack there.

The raid

8311 assembled a small Legion force and immediately set out for Mygeeto. The Imperial presence in orbit was minimal, so 8311 took along a Keldabe battleship to assist in the battle.

The Legion forces exited hyperspace above the planet. The Kedabe quickly destroyed a few Imperial scout ships above the planet as the Legion transports descended into the atmosphere. Imperial scanners picked up the incoming force, but assumed it to be a freighter convoy.

The raid begins

Settling a distance from the Imperial research facility, the Legion transports unloaded hundreds of Legion soldiers and vehicles, which immediately began to march towards the research facility. Now well aware of the Legion presence, Imperial forces began to march to meet the enemy force, but suddenly bombardment from the orbiting Keldabe destroyed much of the Imperial defenses. Legion Defilers went ahead and bribed many Imperial troops to their side, further causing confusion in Imperial ranks.

The research lab was heavily guarded by gun turrets and AT-ATs. With the orbiting Keldabe unable to provide support, 8311 sent forward a large contingent of his MZ-8 tanks, which blasted apart the walkers and turrets. A bombing run of TIE Bombers caused some damage to the Legion forces, but they were shot down by Legion AT-AAs. With little else to stop them, Legion soldiers swarmed the facility, clearing out the security staff.

An Imperial scientist, however, attempted to overload the facility's power generator in order to destroy the research there. The Legion troopers stopped him, but not before he destroyed some other mysterious pieces of Imperial technology.


Searching the facility, the Legion soldiers found seemingly nothing, until they plunged into the computer archives and learned of a working Impervious Device, as well as its blueprints, on Byss. Satisfied, 8311 ordered the taskforce to leave before Imperial reinforcements arrived.


Darth Vader arrived shortly after the Legion taskforce left, and it didn't take too long for him to connect the raid on Mygeeto and the recent one on Coruscant. Vader ordered extra reinforcements to Byss, accurately predicting it to be the next target for the Legion.

Hunt for the Impervious Device
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