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According to Imperial records, Master Rahm Kota was a respected general in the Clone Wars.

Rahm Kota was a Human Male born on the planet Cybe, which was home to the shipwright, Cybe Drives. Rahm Kota was a well-respected Jedi Master and General during the Clone Wars. He did not believe the Clone Troopers were fit for duty and therefore rallied his own militia, compromised of volunteers. When Order 66 was executed, Rahm Kota survived since there were hardly any clone troopers under his command, afterwards stealing the Venator-class Liberation to hide, which would later serve as Kota's flagship in the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

In hiding, Kota allied himself with a rebelous Senator, being Bail Prestor Organa, as well gaining an apprentice who survived the onslaught at the Jedi Temple. Kota started attacking minor Imperial targets like Cato Neimoidia and a TIE Fighter Construction Facility above Nar Shaddaa. Following with the Raid on Cato Neimoidia and Battle of the TIE Fighter Construction Facility. Darth Vader sent his dark apprentice to defeat Kota, he failed, as Kota's apprentice was just able to save Kota from dying.

Following this duel, the apprentice returned to Vader with Kota's lightsaber. In the meantime, Kota tried to recover from the confrontation, re-arming himself with a new saber for the upcoming battles.


Early LifeEdit

Rahm Kota was known to be a good strategist from the moment he could think. On early age he was discovered to be Force-sensitive and was sent to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where he trained, and later became a Jedi Master and General.

The Clone WarsEdit

For freedom!
—Kota, upon assaulting Cybe.

Kota was a well-respected leader during the Clone Wars, leading an assault on the by-then Confederacy of Independent Systems-owned world of Cybe, also his homeworld. Kota had few clone troopers under his command and mostly relied on his own militia, freeing Cybe from Confederate control with his loyal, human forces, hardly giving credit to the few clones under his command.

In the waning days of the Clone Wars, Kota slowly started to pick off less-important Republic systems, sensing the trouble in the Republic. Kota was later chased by the Republic Inquisitorial Agency in 19 BBY, which let him escape, shortly after which they vanished as well.

The Dark TimesEdit

I knew they were unfit...
—Kota upon Order 66's execution.

As Order 66 was executed, Rahm Kota stole a Venator-class and went into Exile, by now having an apprentice, which went with him and his militia into exile. He made a few allies in the Senate, some of those being Senator Organa and Senator Bel Iblis. Organa's daughter also allied the Jedi General.

Nar ShaddaaEdit

...a boy? Months of attacking Imperial targets and Vader sends a boy to fight me?
—Rahm Kota upon seeing Starkiller.

A few months into attacking Imperial targets, Rahm Kota had finally lured Vader's attention, which sent his apprentice to kill Kota above Nar Shaddaa. He however failed, as Kota was able to escape his death by help of his' apprentice, Vader's apprentice had Vader believe he was dead, being able to bring Kota's saber to him.

Later on, Vader's apprentice was sent to rally The Emperor's enemies, including General Kota, other members were Bail Organa, Garm Iblis, Mon Mothma, Leia Organa and Garen Malek, which signed the Corellian Treaty. However, shortly after the signing, Vader interrupted and ambushed the place, arresting all. Leia Organa was not part in body and only by PROXY, which cancelled the process before Vader came in.

Kota and the other members were transported aboard a un-finished Imperial space station. Galen Marek sacrificed himself to save the rebel leaders aboard it.

Cato NeimoidiaEdit

Raid on Cato NeimoidiaEdit
Give them hell...
—Kota, just before attacking the planet.

Kota, which resumed unauthorized assaults against the Empire using his own militia, decided to strike against Cato Neimoidia, with his apprentice, Kota used the Liberation and another Venator-class during the assault, of which the latter was destroyed.

Kota became outnumbered and was taken prisoner by the authorities, only to be freed later, while he was actually ment to be transported off-world.

Rescue of General KotaEdit
Bless you Talon..
—Kota, seeing Nick Talon at his prison.

Kota was arrested by the authority of Cato Neimoidia, and was shortly used in the arena, until he was deemed unfit, upon which he was imprisoned and waiting to be transported off-world, what never happened. His apprentice came to save Kota out of Imperial hands and got off.

Duel on Cato NeimoidiaEdit
—Starkiller upon seeing Kota alive.

Rahm Kota and Nick Talon decided to initiate a covert operation. Kota and his apprentice went back and try to assassinate the baron, they came across another figure which called himself Starkiller (Clone), yet said he was not him. Talon and Kota ended up dueling him, and framed him for Kota having escaped.

Chiss Ascendancy-Galactic Alliance WarEdit

Battle of DacEdit

Rahm Kota would continue to serve the Galactic Alliance, fighting the Imperial Remnant and the Predecessor Empire during the Battle of Mon Calamari, but however retreated, being overhelmed by Predecessor and Imperial vessels.

Storm over CoruscantEdit

Rahm Kota would aid in the defense of Coruscant during the Storm over Coruscant. He, Nick Talon and Vector Hex would coordinate the defenses forces, which would fail to withstand the overwhelming Predecessor Empire, Chiss Ascendancy, Imperial Remnant and New Republic Triumvirate forces.

Battle of Yavin IVEdit

While not involved in the actual battle, Rahm Kota would, together with Nick Talon, make a plan to defend the Rings of the Battle Plane as well as possible against the Imperial Alliance, while Vector Hex and Maron Argo would buy them time by fighting over Yavin IV.

Battle of the Rings of the Battle PlaneEdit

Rahm Kota would defend the Rings of the Battle Plane together with Nick Talon, Vector Hex and Maron Argo very successful. The plan had worked temporarily though, as the Imperial Alliance members eventually broke through their defense formation and boarded the station, where Rahm Kota was killed. The station would disappear before the Imperial Alliance members could blow it up however, with Vector Hex, Nick Talon and Maron Argo escaping.

Personality and traitsEdit

I'm no Jedi now. Not since this."
I don't need your eyes, just your mind. And everything you know about fighting the Empire.

—Rahm Kota and the apprentice on Cloud City

Rahm Kota was a hardened soldier who was noted as being an excellent tactician and combat commander. Regarded as cold and militant by his fellow Jedi, Kota always advocated the use of aggressive force in punishing those who disrupted law and order. Nevertheless, Kota was loyal to the Jedi Order despite his disagreement with some of their policies and was committed to the stability of the Galactic Republic. He gained a reputation for never abandoning those in need, and, during the Clone Wars, his leadership style instilled confidence in his troops. Yet, as the war dragged on, Kota came to the belief that the conflict would see the end of both the Jedi and the Republic, and he grew weary of seeing soldiers and trusted friends killed in battle.

During his enforced exile, Kota employed reckless tactics in an effort to draw out Darth Vader, although the missions were always well-planned. Confident of his own abilities and skills, Kota was certain that he could face the Dark Lord and defeat him in single combat. Cocky to the point of arrogance, he was humbled when he was beaten and his life was nearly taken away from him by Vader's apprentice.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Vader thinks he's turned you. But I can sense your future. And Vader won't always be your master. I sense only... me?
—Rahm Kota sees a vision of the future

Kota was a skilled lightsaber duelist and was a practitioner of the lightsaber combat form Juyo. Unlike most Jedi, who hung their lightsabers from their belts, Kota kept his in a sheath on his back. Despite being trained in the most aggressive of the seven forms of lightsaber combat, Kota preferred to adopt a defensive stance in combat, using the Force to protect himself until he could launch a counterattack.

Well-trained in the use of the Force, Kota was able to use telekinesis to move objects or deflect incoming attacks and projectiles, and to throw his lightsaber with extreme accuracy. He was also able to use the Force to snatch both the apprentice's and the Emperor's lightsabers from them during his encounter with Imperial forces on Corellia and on the Death Star, respectively. He employed telekinesis to hurl objects at enemy combatants or repel them from his presence, and had enough mastery to detach the command tower from the TIE Fighter Construction Facility over Nar Shaddaa and send it plummeting toward the planet. He possessed training in farsight and had received at least one vision of the future, during his duel with Vader's apprentice, when he sensed his future and his opponent's would be intertwined.