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Lorz Seppri: “An R5? The squadron leader should fly with a good droid, like an R2 unit.
Aiddat: “This is a good droid, Captain.
Lorz Seppri and Aiddat

R5-G33 (or Arfive Geethirty-three)was a R5-series astromech droid in the service of Aiddat. The Gran received him as a gift/military issue upon joining the Rebel Alliance. G33, who was quite reliable for his series, rode in the socket of Aiddat's starfighter in missions against the Empire, and onward into the formation of the New Republic.

When Aiddat joined the Jedi Praxeum on the fourth moon of Yavin, the droid stayed in his comfortable quarters, when not assisting him on missions for the Academy. During the dangerous mission to Mucaav, the droid was nearly destroyed. Aiddat's Y-wing was shot down in a trench, but the Jedi managed to jump out of the cockpit and use the Force to tear G33 out of the socket. The astromech's body was ruined on the hard rocks, but his droid brain was mostly intact. Aiddat later had him rebuilt into a new body nearly identical to the old.

G33 served Aiddat into his time as a Jedi Knight, and was upgraded continuously. Otherwise, the droid became quite antiquated, as his product line had been canceled in 22 BBY. Unfortunately for him and his master, R5-G33 was finally obliterated during the Yuuzhan Vong Warin 26 ABY. He was replaced by R7-Ch8 and by extension R9-Y9.



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