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Qyv Xinn, although his family legacy would name him Qyv Zin, was born on the Jedi world of Tython to Kir and Shira Xinn who died when he was fourteen. As a young boy Qyv was taught the ways of the Force by his parents and the teachers in the Jedi Temple. When Qyv was twelve he was taken by his cousin, Kalna Zhim as her apprentice. Under Kalna he learned better uses of Niman and eventually learned the use of Jar’Kai witch he used regularly.

When Qyv was young he had a romance with another Jedi Padawan named Si-Vir Qkilan, often nicknamed Si-vi by her close friends. Their masters were close friends so they got to know each other very well. On the few missions that the four of them were sent on together, Qyv and Si-vi worked together to try to solve the problems that were involved in their missions. Qyv and Si-vi eventually admitted their love for each other. Qyv eventually told Si-vi that he wanted to marry her after they both went through the trials. Si-vi was killed by a Sith on a mission to Ambria with Qyv. Qyv grieved for the loss of Si-vi for months, and had a lot of trouble letting go of his past for the next year.

When Qyv was twenty-three he went on a mission to Metellos. While he was there Kalna had been killed by a Sith.

Qyv eventually met a Sith Pureblood named Lamia Kressh. They were both eventually taken as apprentices to Jedi Knight Matsu Ike. During this time they became good friends. Qyv didn't know why at the time, but he always felt a connection to Lamia in the Force.

Eventually Lamia was sentenced by the Grand Master to exile for using Force Lightning just after Qyv put through the trials and Knighted. Lamia, Matsu (now his former master), and several of Matsu's other apprentices left to join the Imperial Knights.

Not long after Matsu left the Order Qyv went to Empress Teta to keep a promise he had made to his former master. He found one of Matsu's former apprentices, Adonia Xylona, who had not yet become a knight and trained her to knighthood.

A few months after Qyv started to train Adonia he was sent to Saleucami to fight in the battle there. Qyv lost all but ten of his troops and saved three for sure. He never knew if the other seven survived.

Qyv found a ship that he bought to get off of Saleucami. On his way out, the piece of junk died. Qyv signaled for any ships to contact him. Lamia, taking a flight around because she had nothing to do since her last mission picked up the distress signal. She had Qyv board her ship. They talked about what had happened since she had left the Jedi Order. Qyv and Lamia kept thinking about how attracted they were to each other and how much they cared, when Lamia finally said that she cared about Qyv. They kissed and the two of them started to bond in the Force.

They eventually decided to have children. They spent the next few days together accelerating the children's growth inside Lamia. Once the children, a girl named Deliah and a boy named Tyr, were born they spent a few more hours together then separated. After saying their goodbyes and promising to contact each other Qyv was dropped off on the nearest planet taking Tyr with him, disguising the child's eyes so that he would appear to be a zeltron.

Qyv spent the next two days traveling to Corescant. Once there he found out that the Jedi Temple there had been destroyed. He eventually returned home to Tython and registered Tyr in the nursery.

Not long after this, there was a funeral honoring all the Jedi who had died. Not long after that Qyv felt Matsu's death in the Force. Qyv then spent the rest of his time at the two still standing temples and the New Jedi Order's newest training vessel.

A few months passed then Qyv felt Lamia die. She had been killed by a Sith. Qyv was approached by the man who had gotten Lamia sentenced to exile. He had found Lamia's body and brought it to Empress Teta. Qyv looked through Lamia's personal holocron witch contained her will.

A few weeks later Qyv approached the Lore Master about Tyr's origins wishing to be completely honest about the boy. The councilor advised that he not tell anyone of the child's Sith origins.

A few days later Qyv activated Lamia's holocron again. They professed their love for each other.


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