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Queen's Garden was a planet in the Kartok system in the Unknown Regions, the neighbor of Kavez Massass. It was the private retreat of the the Sovereign of the Golden Empire.


Though small, Queen's Garden was a lush world, pleasant to most humanoids. Its climate was mostly temperate, though the poles were covered in snow. It was home to a diverse array of plants which came in a wide variety of colors, and its terrain was covered almost equally in large grass plains and forests.

The oceans of Queen's Garden were broad and deep, dividing the three major continents from one another. Many rivers flowed throughout these continents, connecting in chains of lakes. A few notable mountain ranges split the landscapes further, and many rolling hills appeared in the grassy plains.


Like the rest of the Kartok system, Queen's Garden was not discovered by any sentient species until the Golden Empire found it in 98 ABY. Almost two decades later, Rin Sakaros offered her Massassi warriors the choice of the two terrestrial planets in the system to be their homeworld. The Massassi chose the larger, nearer the system's sun, which became Kavez Massass.

Rin was initially undecided on what to do with the other, but her brother Tariun urged her to claim it for herself. The Sith queen resisted this idea for a long time, but her brother was insistent, constantly pestering her to take a vacation and even recruiting some of Rin's Massassi and Royal Guards to (respectfully) advise their sovereign on the same course. In 119 ABY, Rin finally conceded to their request and named the world Queen's Garden.

The Massassi begged for the privilege of protecting the world, so Rin allowed a small contingent of them to be permanently assigned to her new retreat. The Massassi oversaw the construction droids that built Rin's Castle and its defenses, and afterward served as guards for the compound.

A notorious micromanager and a determined workaholic, Rin rarely visited her sanctum until all but forced by her brother. On these occasions, she would usually stay less than a week, accompanied only by a handful of Royal Guards. Due to the intense security placed around the world, Queen's Garden was under a Royal travel restriction: only those with the personal permission of the Sovereign could journey there, and the world did not even appear on the star charts of the Empire.

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