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The planet's one big rock. But it hasn't always been this way.

Quary was a beautiful lush forest planet, but the surface was destroyed during the Force Wars of the Urum system. It took the planet more that thrity thousand years to recover. The planet was home to the Quarian people, the only beings aside from the creatures that survived the destruction of the planet's surface.


Early history

Quary was once a lush forest planet full of life, but in 29,500 BBY, the Force was discovered on Quary and soon after that, the dark side. The Quarians began to discuss about the Force and which side was to be used. One group thought that the light side could only be used, another thought the dark side was to be used, and another group thought there should be a balance in both. The discussion led to nothing, and the groups went to war. The Force Wars lasted for one year. At the end of the war, Force Stonestorm was discovered, a hurricane of stones. And the jedi and sith both began creating the most powerful Stonestorms yet. the grey jedileft the battlefield and went up High mountain when they say it was all useless. The storms became so powerful that it became uncontrollable and unstoppable. Jedi watched powerless who the planets surface got destroyed. the storm lasted for about a week and after it the entire surface was destroyed. the grey jedi who watched it swore never to let anyone use force stonestorm again. the survived sith swore never to use the dark side again and formed a group called the Shadow Knights of Quary.

Early Urum republic

28.000 BBY the people of Quary saw some potential in the planet because the surface was destroyed all kinds of metal and crystals were discovered. one year later a group of Quarians went looking for metal and discovered the greatest crystal cave ever found in the urum system, this cave was later used by jedi padawans to construct their first lightsaber. after this discovery the first mining facility was built and the founds were great, so great that they had the money to open 5 other mines that same year. In two years time the Quarian people had built many houses around the mining facilities. 5 years later the villages grew out to be cities and got villages around them.

First Urunian wars

In the urunian wars Quary was one of the planets were a large base was built against the Imperials and was the home-planet of the shadowknights and the planets were some major battles were fought. like the battle for high mountain and the first battle of Quary. Before the end of the war Quary was already free and became a major mining planet used by the urum rebellion.

Post war time

In the Years after the war, Quary became successful and built several new cities. They built so many cities that the entire planet became one big mining city with hundreds of mines. The mining droid S1-A1 was built, it was the first droid in the S-series. A soldier school was built and many soldiers were trained in several fighting styles. Also, new armour was built for the soldiers to make then superior to their enemies. The Urum system helped the galactic republic in battles by sending troops to fight who made great victories. They even created a new line of star-ships.

Quary had several problems, the underground grew which caused parts of the planet to become dangerous. The giant monsters became uncontrollable. They escaped and destroyed some parts of the city. Also, volcanoes erupted and parts of the cities had to be evacuated. The planet was slowly correcting itself by destroying the cities.

In 150 ABY, great parts of the city had already vanished by disasters and many people had left the city and went to Urum. The people who stayed were miners and their families, soldiers, and the Shadow Knights.

Qorox war

After the invasion of Urum in 201 ABY by the empire Quary was the next target. A small team of sith came to the planet and killed anyone who would resist. They slaughtered the entire army which was left on the planet and went to the temple of the Shadow Knights. they gave them a choice to fight and die or to leave the planet. The knights did not want to flee so they fought and many died. The surviving knights fled to the asteroid-field to join the rebellion against the empire. the planet was then official under the rule of the Sith. All but a few Quarians on the planet were enslaved and sent to the mines to mine for the empire.

In the mines a few Quarians began to experiment with the S-series droids and discovered a military use for the droids and rebuild a few to fight their way out of the mines to get to the rebellion. This strategy worked and the droids got out of the mines but there an army destroyed all but one. The surviving droid S1-A1 survived and made its way to the rebellion. the rebellion worked on the droid to make it even better and send an army of s-units helped by a few soldiers to Quary. This small army managed to free 9 mines and help them of the planet but when they went into the tenth mine they were ambushed and forced deep down in the mine were they found an other way up and managed to escape.

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