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Quadia was a planet in the Romasi sector of the Unknown Regions. The homeworld of the sentient Qua, it languished under centuries of slavery before being liberated by the Golden Empire.


By the Legacy era, much of Quadia's surface was wasteland. Land was unarable, and clouds of smog and other pollutants hung in the low atmosphere. Even some settled areas suffered pea soup fog, although Royal engineers and climatologists were making progress in cleaning it up. Those areas not devastated by Quadia's centuries of oppression were primarily forests and grasslands. Millions of indigenous fauna suffered extinction during the same period, both terrestrial and aquatic. Those which survived tended to be smaller creatures unsuitable for game or sport hunting.

Quadia's surface water had once covered half the planet in freshwater lakes and seas, but this had been reduced to only thirty percent by the time the Empire freed the Qua. Much of this remaining water was badly polluted.

Society and culture

Quadia's centuries under the dictatorship of the slave lords wreaked havoc on the planet's culture and left an indelible mark. The Qua preferred to import as little as possible, frightened of being dependent on outsiders or inviting them in. Many Qua were profoundly grateful to Rin Sakaros for her intervention and deliverance of their homeworld, but preferred even the Empire to keep its distance. The Royal Army cohort on Quadia was stationed far from population centers.

Aside from Qua and part-Qua hybrids, as well as the protective garrison, few beings were invited or permitted to visit Quadia. Supplies were channeled in through a single spaceport, and offworlders were not allowed outside its walls. Given its drastically reduced population post-Liberation, the overwhelming majority of Qua lived in the capital city and only major population center, Emoria.

The Qua made no effort to suppress or forget their time in slavery; indeed, memorials to the dead were common. A few of the "Farms" were kept more or less intact as memorials themselves, although the majority were obliterated by either the Empire or the Qua themselves.


Quadia's history was ravaged by heartache and tragedy for its indigenous population. Centuries prior to the Battle of Yavin, it was a lush planet covered in thick forests and deep oceans and fresh water lakes. Wildlife flourished in abundance in harmony with the peaceful Qua people.

The peaceful planet lacked much of any military, having no need for anything much more than a small police force. For this reason, the planet had little chance of defending itself when it was invaded by slavers and pirates, who ravaged the planet's surface and its people. More than half the native species were forced into extinction due to destroyed habitats and over-hunting and fishing. Lakes and rivers were dried up, and forests were razed to make room for the "Farms" that slavers used to drain Qua of their blood. During these years Quadia became a haven for criminals and slavers; an industrial center for the Unknown Regions.

Things looked bleak for the world, which was slowly dying from the inside out, until the part-Qua Sith witch Rin Sakaros came to the planet. Her forces wiped out the criminals who had taken hold of the planet, and freed what enslaved Qua were left. Following what became known as the Liberation of Quadia, Quadia became a safe haven for the Qua who had once been enslaved there. Slowly, the people of this planet began the painstaking process of rebuilding, hoping to restore the planet to its prior beauty.

Quadia was given special protection under the Empire's laws. No being other than a Qua was allowed to visit the world without permission of its government, and the Consul of Quadia was always a Qua. Trafficking in Qua blood was punishable by a mandatory death sentence. A Royal Army cohort was permanently stationed on Quadia to protect its remaining populace.

During the Nightmare War, Quadia was attacked by the Reawakened. Four Dark Jedi led an assault on the capital city of Emoria, backed by hundreds of thousands of Skavik and a force of Vyrak clones. Breek Zagrev and the Romasi Sector Fleet retaliated in force, and a strike team of Centurions led the Royal Army on a counterattack while Zagrev herself dueled the Dark Jedi fleet. The Dark Jedi forces were crushed and the enemy leader Tirj slain in a duel, but the surviving Dark Jedi escaped with a sample of the Sickness.

In 151 ABY, the Consul of Quadia offered his world as the site of the training facility for the newly-formed Household Guard.


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