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The Purists were an ancient anti-Jedi faction that rose to prominence after the fall of the Reborn Sith Order. They had political representation in the Senate, but they were also a militant force. The Purists were created because of the ancient entity Abeloth; after Abeloth was defeated and imprisoned in 99,000 BBY, her prophecy was rediscovered in 2,000 BBY. The Purists were formed to ensure that Abeloth could never rise to power again. By 36 ABY, Fyor Rodan was the leader of the Purists. Fearing Abeloth's return was soon to come, Rodan became Chancellor of the Republic and tried to have every Force-sensitive interned, to prevent her from embodying herself in one of them. Ultimately, however, Rodan failed; Abeloth did return, and Rodan was killed. This event caused the disbanding of the Purists.

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