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Purge was a popular Holo-Movie, released in 85 ABY. It was a fictional account of the post-Clone War Jedi Purge. The movie focused on Jedi Master Kul Atvon (played by Corran Ziron) and Lira Stari (Mya Barr), a Senator from the fictional world Smelat. A sequel, Purge II: Dawn of the Rebellion, was released in 91 ABY.

Plot Edit

Due to the war, the two characters met and developed a close friendship, which was not allowed to develop into anything more due to Atvon's adherence to the Jedi codes. As the conflict raged on, the Jedi was sent to Yyuto (another purely fictional world), where he heroically fought the Separatists. The struggle on the desert world would eventually pit Atvon against the Dark Side acolyte Dizan (Nom Pollut). The duel between the two would eventually lead to an inconclusive draw, as Dizan would escape by using a force teleport technique. Moments later, Atvon would nearly be killed, as his clones began to carry out the infamous Order 66. Escaping into the world's main city, the Jedi would take a swoop bike to his ship at the Republic's base. After being chased by clones on BARC speeders, Atvon reached the hangar and escaped the new Empire's fleet.

Atvon would then make his to Smelat, the homeworld of Stari. The senator would agree to shelter her friend in her home, in blatant defiance of Imperial law. There, the two would express their true, deep feelings for one another. However, Smelat was not the safest place to be for a rogue Jedi, as it was a member of the Delegation of 2000, as well the owner of a reputation of defiance towards Palpatine. Soon, Imperial clone troopers would occupy the planet to replace the current government. All members of this government were declared criminals and were to be arrested. Therefore, it was imperative that Lira escape the planet. Kul devised a plan to escape and pledged to defend the former Senator. While she said that it would be safer if the two fugitives traveled apart, Atvon dismissed the idea, saying that he could never leave her. The couple would go through the capital's streets, initially trying to stealthily avoid any contact with the enemy. However, they would soon be detected and were forced to battle numerous clones. Eventually, the two made it Stari's ship and escaped, but not before Kul was spotted by his former Clone commander (who was made to stand out by a missing thumb).

On Coruscant, the new Emperor, now with the knowledge Atvon survived, sent Dizan (who was now working for the Empire) out to hunt for the Jedi.

Meanwhile, as the pair of fugitives tried to find some safe ground to go to, they were ambushed by squadrons of ARC-170s. In the battle, the senator's ship was badly damaged but was able to escape it's attackers. A mini hyperspace jump was all the vessel was able to do, as it would then desperately land on Felucia. After fending off vicious acklays, Atvon and Stari were face to face with a giant rancor. Much to their relief, the beast would be called off by it's owner, a member of a force-sensitive group of rancor riders. Noticing Atvon's lightsaber, which he had drawn to combat the animal, the riders took them to their newest ally, Togruta Jedi Master Shaak Ti. The Jedi and her new-found companions helped repair Stari's badly damaged ship. In addition, Ti supplied the pair with the location of a hideaway for those being pursued by the Empire. She told them where this planet, Tomyoran, was but added that she would not be going there because her place was now with the rancor riders.

The two rebels landed on Tomyoran, a dense jungle world. They began to search for the location of the secret haven. After an exhausting day of trekking to the base, the pair stopped for a rest, in a rare tranquil moment. This peaceful time would be short-lived, as it was interrupted by Dizan, who cut Stari in the back with his lightsaber. Kul and his nemesis again began to duel, in an intense battle. Atvon would eventually be victorious and would then turn to his injured partner. He would soon see her being taken care of by a Whipid. This caregiver was in fact Clone War hero K'Kruhk, another Jedi Master in hiding. The Whipid told Atvon that Lira would be alright and that the Jedi hideout was not far away.

The film ended with the sun rising on the planet, with Kul holding Lira amongst a group of fellow Jedi and rebels.

Inspirations Edit

While the storyline and main characters were completely fictional, the protagonist Kul Atvon and his companion Lira Stari were based on some real people of this time period, including Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala, Quinlan Vos and Khaleen Hentz.

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