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Pup Kickto was a Nautolan born on Glee Anselm in 58 BBY. He rose to the rank of Jedi Master in 25 BBY and was on the Jedi Council by the time of the Coo-Neo Crisis. He was one of the few Jedi that held the belief that Scott Borek was the Chosen One. Many times before, and after, the Coo-Neo Crisis he would vouch for Borek and his ability to get tasks done. He was on the Council during the Coo-Neo Crisis and the Great Galactic War.



Pup Kickto was selected to be Grand Master Yoder Gree's last apprentice. Kickto was just as eager to learn from Yoder as his celebrated predecessor, Mason Quarrell. The Nautolan had become a master swordsman under Yoder and a skilled negotiator. He excelled as a Padawan and was able to learn quickly under the Grand Master. He was knighted at age twenty-one.

Coo-Neo Crisis

Pup Kickto was one of the Jedi Masters that did not believe Scott Borek should go off to confront his brother, because he believed that it would have dire consequences if Borek found out. However, once Borek was assigned to the task, he had no doubt the assignment would be completed somehow.

When Borek returned from Dontamo and reported his encounter against a 'Dark Jedi', Kickto remained on Borek's side, sensing the truth in his statements. He helped convince his fellow masters that Borek should be the once to venture to Telos IV to deal with the massacre there, since he felt the attack was made by Zell Coo-Neo.

After the crisis, he proposed that Borek be promoted to Mastery, though, that proposition did not succeed like his other ideas.

Behind the scenes

Pup Kickto is a direct pun of the Star Wars canon character, and fellow Nautolan, Kit Fisto. He was designed to be a filler Jedi on the Jedi Council, but his role expanded to the much larger part. He expanded to being the third most important Jedi on the Council in role, and importance, in the saga behind Yoder Gree and Mason Quarrell.


Dreams are for Wookiees (First appearance)

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