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Punisher is ready. Heh, heh, heh.
—A Punisher-class pilot

The Punisher-class gunship was an advanced Imperial gunship, designed for use for the FIST elite force. It was equipped with considerable armament, from missile launchers to heavy turbolaser cannons, and was capable of deploying an entire brigade of troops and a single heavy vehicle. It was also extremely fast, capable of achieving a top speed of 5000 mph in an atmosphere, and was commonly used in lightning attacks to rapidly confuse an enemy before deploying ground troops to finish it off. Several automated versions of Punishers existed, which were capable of taking out targets laser-marked by ground troops quickly and effectively. Nonetheless, Punishers were very expensive, like most FIST equipment, and Imperial officers did not wish for them to fall into enemy hands. Nonetheless, the Punisher became a signature component in FIST's arsenal, and would remain in use for some time.

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