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Pughe was a watery planet in the Unknown Regions. It was the home of the aquatic Albierus and a variety of other underwater species. It was also a member world of the Golden Empire.


Only spits of land existed on Pughe's surface; well over ninety percent was water. Beneath the waves were many shelves and unexplored depths. The planet's oceans were uniformly saltwater, and the plant species beneath the waves were nurtured by Pughe's two suns.

The few pieces of land which did extend above the water had small shrubs and were usually sandy.

Society and culture

The primarily aquatic Albierus ruled much of their homeworld's oceans. However, the deepest oceans remained largely unexplored and were as much a mystery to the Albierus as to offworlders. Albier bubble cities were built below the surface in the middle depths of the oceans.


The Albierus lived as a sentient society for millennia before the coming of the Golden Empire. They had developed underwater weaponry and building technology when the Empire's diplomats arrived. Some Albierus resisted joining the new government, but were quickly pacified.

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