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Project Jedimca0 was a project carried out by a team of scientists from the New Republic in the hopes of replicating the cloning techniques of the cloners on Kamino. These Kaminoans had created the clones used by the Old Republic’s Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars, during which time the Republic’s clones fought against the battle droids of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The project was named ‘Jedimca0’ after the Old Jedi Order, as the planned clone army, like the Jedi Order, was meant to stand for peace and kindness throughout the galaxy. Iaku Caloi, the project’s lead scientist, believed that the New Republic would never condone such a project due to the Old Republic’s history with clones, so he carried it out in secret. The 'mca' part in the name was an abbreviation of 'males of Caloi's Army', and each Clone was given a number. As such, the project was named Project Jedimca0.

Caloi planned for the army to be a part of the New Republic once it was created. The first clones Caloi created lived for less than a week due to health issues. Only one clone in the second attempt died within the first month, although the rest did not live to maturity as the scientists killed them for supposedly being too weak. The third batch was created and designed to be far more aggressive. After reaching maturity, these aggressive clones turned against their creators, killing all but Caloi and one other scientist before escaping. Caloi killed the other scientist and decided to continue along, this time working on a female clone. Before the female clone, named Janna0, reached maturity, the project was discovered by Admiral Hiram Drayson of the New Republic, who shut the project down and arrested Caloi. Janna0, however, was released from custody. Project Jedimca0 became the subject of many media jokes and political satires when the public eventually discovered it, while only two clones from the project were recorded to have lived on after it.



After the ending of the Thrawn Crisis in 9 ABY, when the New Republic had been engaged in a war with Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Imperial Remnant, the New Republic was, as it had been during the time of the Rebel Alliance, in need of more soldiers. When New Republic scientist, Iaku Caloi, visited Kamino in an attempt to learn from the cloning techniques of the Kaminoans, that had been used to grow the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars, the war between the Grand Army of the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. However, Caloi found most of the Kaminoans reluctant to discuss the cloning methods, and the Clone Masters having been killed by the 501st Legion, a clone legion of the Republic. This meant that there was no real basis on which to base the cloning techniques Caloi planned to use to make a new army for the New Republic, that would not be able to be destroyed in future wars.

However, one of the Clone Masters had survived the attack by the 501st and, at the demands of Lama Su, former Prime Minister of Kamino, who had also survived due to an exit via an escape pod, a new project had begun. Although Sasha Vitarr and Cassandra Recubo, along with other members of the pirate organization called Thunder Armada destroyed the attempts at a new project, some of the notes regarding it survived. Caloi felt he now had adequate information enough to begin his project, although he felt that the New Republic hierarchy would not approve, due to the fact that the New Republic was anti-cloning. As such, he knew his project would have to be carried out in secret until it was ready, by which time the New Republic would not be able to refuse the army, for fear that if they did, it would turn against them. For this reason also, Caloi knew that the project could be threatened by a scientist spying on him for the New Republic working with him and revealing the project to the New Republic, and so he realized he had to use independent scientists.

By offering scientists in a Corellian health institution, a health institution on the planet of Corellia, the chance of a more financially lucrative contract to work with him, and also signing them to secrecy, Caloi built his team of ten to begin work upon what was going to be the beginnings of his Clone army. Feeling that the clones would, when created, be a beacon of light and hope to the galaxy, to keep all enemies at bay, he likened them to the Jedi of olden times. In addition, the clones for this project would start off as male, and so would be Males of Caloi's Army. This led to the name 'Jedimca' being created, and each clone would be given that prefix and then a number, referring to at what time they had been created. The project was named 'Jedimca0', whilst the first three clones, the first batch, were named Jedimca1, Jedimca2, and Jedimca3. Searching the Outer Rim of the galaxy, so as to hide from the New Republic, Caloi resigned his post as a New Republic scientist to start work.

The first clonesEdit

Kushibah was the planet Caloi settled upon to start his project, the farmers of the planet being considered too primitive by Caloi to have any chance of communicating with the New Republic, or selling them the information, despite the small chance that they even would discover the project. Before he had left, Caloi had been part of an embezzlement scheme within the New Republic, to gain the funds to pay the scientists and start the project as he envisioned it. Using this money, a laboratory was built beneath the ground of Kushibah, in a secluded forest spot, away from the villages in which the locals lived. Then, the work began on creating Jedimca1, Jedimca2 and Jedimca3. The information Caloi had obtained from the surviving Clone Master proved accurate, and the clones began to grow.


The laboratory on Kushibah

Caloi's perceived vanity led to his choice of using himself as the template for the clones, so that he would be able to feel as if both his mental ideas and physical body had saved the New Republic. However, the information had been destroyed on a relatively large scale by a Thunder Armada raid, and so the clones were not as well created as had been first thought by Caloi. As soon as they were removed from the cloning tanks, they began to deteriorate until eventually they died within the week of having been first created. This, however, helped Caloi and his team to develop ideas upon how to make sure the later clones were not a failing. With new ideas upon how to further develop clones, the second batch were prepared to be grown, with Jedimca4, Jedimca5, and Jedimca6 being designed by the scientists, and so began to be grown within the laboratory.

However, the deaths of three clones that resembled infant versions of Caloi himself had caused a subconscious starting of psychological problems for Caloi, problems that would eventually lead to his death some years later in a New Republic prison. Although one of the scientists on the team died due to mistakenly eating poisonous fungi on the surface of the planet, the project continued with little hindrance, and Jedimca4, Jedimca5 and Jedimca6 began to develop in the tanks. These three clones managed to survive the transition from the cloning tank to the world outside, and starting the process by which they would be able to develop into fully grown human beings within ten standard years, with the growth process scientifically accelerated.

Jedimca5 died within the month, struck down by illness, his immune system having not developed properly in the process of growth acceleration. The scientists feared it would be, as it was with the first three clones, another of what they considered to be a disaster, and that it would be the same for the other two. However, Jedimca5's death turned out to be an anomaly, and the other two began to develop under the process of growth acceleration. When, ten years later, they had developed into fully grown clones, the scientists were encouraged by their success, though were somewhat angered at the fact that these clones had no inclination to fight, and were weaker than the average being, making them effectively useless. Therefore, as what the scientists considered an act of euthanasia, the two remaining clones of the second batch were terminated, and work began to plan for the third batch.


Due to the fact that Jedimca5's body was never buried along with the rest, the other scientists began to speculate that his death had been faked, the scientist in charge of killing him having supposedly spirited him away, although no proof was ever found to confirm this. The scientist denied all accusations of having done so. Although Caloi warned the scientist that, should anything such as this happen again, there would not be another chance, the scientist was allowed to continue with the project. Jedimca7, Jedimca8, and Jedimca9 began to develop in the cloning tanks, before surviving, as their predecessors had, and embarking upon the growth acceleration program. Extra testosterone, amongst other things, had been added to the genetic implants of these clones, in an attempt to make them stronger and more warlike.

In addition, weight training and other fighting training regimes were added to their daily exercises, this batch being considered the most warlike of the previous two. This was evident to the scientists after just three years. When, eventually, after ten years the clones had developed, the scientists found them to appear to be lacking in intelligence and self thought, although perfect for taking commands and fighting. This led the scientists to believe that they had created the perfect clones for their needs, and they began to attempt to grow another set in a far larger bulk, using the third batch as their template, attempting to replicate that success. Although the clones, seemingly, appeared to be ideal to the scientists, the callous and ignorant attitude of the scientists towards the clones had led them to hide the intelligence they actually held.

The way in which the third batch was so warlike meant that they planned for war at every given opportunity, the scientists having made them too warlike in Caloi's opinion. Eventually, the clones broke free of their confines and set about attacking the scientists and attempting to destroy the laboratory, starting a fire in an act of arson and attacking the scientists. Although the flames killed Jedimca7, Jedimca8 and Jedimca9 caused the deaths of seven of the nine scientists, Caloi and one other surviving. Although the two rampant clones escaped, and were not found by Caloi again, Caloi insisted that they were dead. When the other scientist suggested otherwise, Caloi shot him with a blaster. Now scarred and, having been attacked by three clones who heavily resembled him and having had to perform euthanasia on what looked like himself, Caloi was beginning to experience psychological problems.


With Caloi, now, being the one remaining member of the team that had originally set out to build a clone army for the New Republic, and now being seriously scarred and psychologically affected, he chose not to close the project permanently. Caloi knew that he would not be able to secure his old job back at the New Republic if he did not complete the project, and so he began planning for one last attempt at building a clone that could be replicated to form a Grand Army of the New Republic. However, he chose to abandon the Jedimca0 name in favor of Janna0, Caloi's injured mind coming up with the idea that women would be far weaker and easier to subdue than men, meaning a female clone would not be able to go rampant, as Jedimca7, Jedimca8, and Jedimca9 had. The laboratory, being mostly destroyed, had only a few remaining cloning cylinders in which to complete the project, and so Caloi began clearing out the excess waste whilst undergoing the project.

Janna Clone

Janna0 during the cloning process.

When, eventually, the female clone was created, Caloi proceeded to name her 'Janna0', a female adaptation of the project name 'Jedimca0'. Although Janna0 was, in the scientific files, said to have proved proficient in weapons, the withholding of a number of chemicals to keep her subdued meant that she had no real desire for war, and kept maintaining to Caloi from a young age that she wished to leave. Although Caloi denied her all sort of rights Janna0 began working on a plan herself to break free of the confines of Caloi's laboratory, during the periods in which Caloi was away, busy or asleep. Although Janna0 was never successful in making a viable plan to escape from the laboratory, she was later freed when Caloi was arrested.

When Warshack Rojo, officer of the New Republic and commander of the Rejuvenator, a New Republic battleship, travelling to investigate reports of an incident around Helska IV, and a number of ships put down upon the planet, the locals gave information to Rojo about the laboratory. Calling out Hiram Drayson, Admiral of the New Republic, to investigate, who was nearby at the time, before proceeding to the Helska system, Drayson and his men soon discovered the attempts at cloning. Drayson and his men deemed the laboratory to be squalid, cruel conditions, these conditions in which Janna0 was living, who was at the stage of the process where she was around fourteen years old, and so Caloi was arrested. Tried before the New Republic, he was sentenced to a life sentence in a New Republic prison for attempts at reviving a clone army, which some believed could have triggered another Clone War. However, the medical examination revealed the extent of Caloi's mental issues, and so he was instead reassigned to an asylum. He died some few years later in the asylum, and so project Jedimca0 died with him. Janna0 was put into an adoptive family, and continued to live as if she were a normal young woman as considered by the leaders of the New Republic.

Media and public presentationEdit

When, eventually, the project became widespread knowledge to the general public, despite the attempts at secrecy by the New Republic, the project became an item used for many political satires in various versions of Media, with multiple bands such as Adamastor's Angels, from Adamastor, featuring it in their tracks. The Imperial Remnant also used it in many of their media, to show how lax the New Republic was in terms of security, and even when it attempted to keep secrecy about such an issue it failed. A number of cartoons for the various children and infant's of the galaxy also featured characters stereotyped as 'mad scientists' who heavily resembled Caloi, and invariably ended up attempting to build a Clone army and eventually were captured and put into an asylum, as Caloi had been.

Although, after five years of appearing in media, the New Republic eventually declared a censorship upon using material based upon Project Jedimca0, Caloi or any of the clones of the project, this only inspired the project to be more heavily used in Media and by the general public. Eventually, just five years after the censorship had come in, the censorship was lifted, along free use of it in Media again, incidentally the same year as Caloi's death. This was met with widespread happiness by the general public, who would once again be able to see one of their favorite jokes, which they considered timeless, to be broadcasted once more, in the public media. Jedimca9 was never able to comment upon the use of Project Jedimca0 in media, although Janna0 refused to comment on the subject. It was widely believed, however, that she did not like the use of it in media as a joke.

Whilst the censorship on using the project in media was lifted, a permanent censorship on using a female clone affiliated with the project or any clone resembling Janna0 was never lifted, due to the campaign by Janna0 herself and her adoptive parents. Even after Janna0's death, when the censorship became redundant, she was never as widely used as Caloi or the project had been in media. Although, as time went on since the project had collapsed, the project eventually fell out of favour with the media, the occasional joke or mention was used, despite the fact that it was never as widely applauded as it had been around the time when the project had first come to light. Just five years after the project had come to light, advertisements stopped using Project Jedimca0, and the project was eventually all but forgotten by the media.


For the reason that the New Republic did not want any other scientist attempting to build his own Clone Army, for his own use or for the use of the New Republic, Admiral Drayson, those who accompanied him and all those who had knowledge of Caloi and his goings on were sworn to secrecy, a threat of a heavy fine and arrest for an indefinite numbers of years should they have revealed the project being the threatened penalty. The laboratory on Kushibah was destroyed, along with all of Caloi's research and notes, whilst a New Republic team proceeded to attempt to grow plant life over the top of the laboratory, to erase all presence of it being there. The project was considered to be highly classified, and so only the high-rankers of the New Republic's hierarchy had any knowledge of it, along with those on Kushibah who had known of it, and those who had accompanied Drayson and knew of it.

For some time afterwards, the project remained somewhat of a joke on Kushibah, although the fact that, generally, there were very few visitors to the planet meant that the knowledge was not circulated any further, until some twenty years after the project had been officially declared to be over by the New Republic. The HoloNet of the New Republic made use of their new-found knowledge of the subject to perpetuate sensationalist rumors and theories when broadcasting the subject. Although all of those with knowledge of the project gave official statements that it had not been them, one man was eventually arrested, although it was never proven that it had been him who had given the information to the HoloNet, and so he was released. Although the New Republic demanded to know from the HoloNet who their source was, the HoloNet had received it from a man they did not know of, and the New Republic did not have the right to contest this fact, as they did not find any further evidence.

Although Jedimca8, one of just two of the male rampant clones to have survived, was not heard from again, and the New Republic search teams on Kushibah found no evidence of him, there was very little suggestion he was dead. The New Republic sought to find Jedimca8 and Jedimca9, for fear that they were a risk to the peoples of the galaxy, but was unsuccessful. Despite the lack of evidence, New Republic files claimed that Jedimca8, who they had found no evidence of, was dead. Jedimca9 was later discovered to be working as a bounty hunter, although he worked on a world not under the control of the New Republic, and the government of the planet refused to allow the New Republic to extradite him. As such, Jedimca9 continued to serve as a bounty hunter and mercenary.

Janna0 was relocated into a foster family on the New Republic capital of Coruscant, to a couple who were unable to have children of their own due to the sterility of the two of them. Although Janna0 was cared for and treated as if she were a normal young girl, and they were her biological parents, she was never comfortable with the knowledge that she was a clone, and so she left at just twenty-one years of age to, like Jedimca9, pursue a career as a bounty hunter. Although she was not considered to have the same degree of lust for blood and war as Jedimca9, she had been designed to fight, and had a number of elements necessary to become a bounty hunter. Whilst Jedimca9 was killed twenty-five years after gaining his freedom, shot by a rival bounty hunter whilst on Corulag, Janna0 survived to marry and bear children, before dying aged eighty-three. Although New Republic records had placed the end of Project Jedimca0 with Caloi's death, the general public consensus was that the project had ended with the death of Janna0.

Behind the scenes Edit

Project Jedimca0 was created as a homage to Jedimca0, a user on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki and an administrator on the Star Wars Humor Wiki. The conception came about after a joking discussion over the Internet Relay Chat channel #swfanon, the official Internet Relay Chat channel of the Star Wars Fanon Wiki, between Star Wars Fanon administrator Thomas Rattim and Jedimca0. After the discussion, Rattim began writing an article about Project Jedimca0 on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki, in which influences from the real-life Jedimca0 were used. Two such examples are how Jedimca0’s Internet Relay Chat automated account was named “Janna0”, the female clone in Project Jedimca0, and how “Jedimca9” was the original name for Janna0.

Rattim felt it was interesting to note that while he was working on the section of the Project Jedimca0 article titled “Janna0”, the Countervandalism IRC channel bot account belonging to Wikia Inc., which is the host of the Star Wars Fanon Wiki, picked up on the edit and suggested that it was “possible gibberish”. This was most likely due to the supposedly nonsensical title of “Janna0” being a combination of letters and numbers that does not form an official word in the English language. Despite this, the storyline is intended to be entirely serious and conform to the Star Wars Fanon Wiki's policy against joke articles.