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Golden Age of the Republic

The Probitas pro populus (abbreviated PPP) was an informal political faction in the Galactic Senate that was comprised of members who largely held strong beliefs of moral and ethical conduct, individual freedoms, open markets, government transparency, and expansionism. The group of senators was small and select, and there was no political superstructure to the faction. Its de facto leaders were generally the highest ranking member, and meetings were informal gatherings in individual offices to discuss and express opinions. Some senators, such as Myr Pilp of Duro and Hanik Regueny of Commenor were affiliated with the PPP but were not among the most active members. For declaration purposes, the PPP was treated as a full-fledged political party in elections and media coverage. It caucused to discuss potential nominees, such as the nomination and election of Anwis Eddicus to replace Rosock Mekosk 704 BBY.

Behind the scenes

The name in Latin translates as "honesty (or integrity) for the people." It was comprised to be a stark contrast to the corruption found otherwise in the senate.


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