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I will teach you all, to learn the understand about becoming a new breed, a new form to let go of your own life and bestow a life rank. Knowing a Prime will guide you and teach a new breed of Jedi.
—Master Prime said to the survivors Jedi

The Prime Jedi was the new improve and new evolution of the Jedi Order to evolve into a further new step after the Civil War between Tempus' Sith and the Jedi when the Jedi lost the battle without the leading member of the Jedi Councils, when the Jedi have no choice to retreat knowing they'd lose the battle when they met a person who call himself Master Prime. The Prime Jedi is highly best elite group when the Jedi have no choice to gain further level and gaining new improvement as well. Few Jedi Council have no choice to accept his word so that It's Time For the Jedi to Evolve.

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