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The Force hides nothing from those who see clearly, between shadows and illumination. Power comes from thought, and thought must balance both sides, darkness and light. Energy and life in all its brilliance—this is the Primal Force
Orion Kaleth

A Titan wielding the Primal Force

The Primal Force, archaically known as the Way, was an aspect of the Force originally embraced by the ancient Je'daii Order prior to the polarization of the Dark and Light sides of the Force following the Force Wars.

Conjoining the energies from both sides of the Force, the Primal Force was considered to have been the purest and most raw expression and manifestation of the Force. As such, practitioners of the Primal Force were considered distinct from Gray Jedi; where as the latter held no allegiance to either side of the Force, the former delved deeply into the powers of both sides, then intertwined them to generate the Primal Force energy which was utilized for the manifestation of their Force powers.

After the Dark Side of the Force became shunned by the Jedi Knights and the Light Side became abandoned by the practitioners of the Dark Side, most notably the Sith Lords, the mysteries of the Primal Force had become all but lost. According to Orion Kaleth, most Force-sensitives were incapable of utilizing the Primal Force, and was impossible for the Logos, due to their connection to the Void. During the Ambush at Endor, the Primal Force was shown to have been capable of withstanding the effects of the Void on equal footing, as shown by Jeshua Kaleth when he had successfully erected a Force barrier against the Force-severing Void powers of Prescyla Osiris, the Oracle of the Charon Dominion.

The Titans were the last known Force-sensitives that openly wielded the Primal Force, after the Force Wars ended the Je'daii Order's practice of using the Dark side, and their legacy eventually became melded into galactic mythology as obscure supernatural warriors similar to the Jedi and Sith. By the time of the Extant War, only two practitioners of the Primal Force were in existence as the last progeny of the Titans; Orion Kaleth and his grandson, Jeshua Kaleth.

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