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We are the most powerful being across the entire universe, that no human, no alien, nor any life forms can't compare to the power of the Prime Lord.
—unknown advisor


The Primaian is one of the oldest living species across the entire race of any planet. The Primal was name after their god and founder of their planet. The Primaian are very wise species and also quite curious to all any race, such as human, humanoid, beasts, creature even alien species as well. According to the legend that the Primaian was descendent of the Living Force, but many expert and historian have no proof that Primaian are descendent of the Living Force. But there is a story about the mystery and origin of that planet.

Long ago, in Billions ancient ago - Primal, their beloved god and creator of their home that the Primal believe could take any forces of evil that's lurking entire nation that's existence from entire universe to stop the evil threat that's happing to all galaxies and thus create his own people that shape their planet - Primal.

But many species across the entire galaxies believe it's made-up. The Jedi believe that Primal could relate the Force, knowing the Force give life to all nation and species.


Legend of our people? There is story that make you curious from what I said to you that make you lots very surprise.

The legend said that the Primaian got 13 separate mini-gods were chosen or created by Primal were called Primus was known as The 13 Primus, the protectors and guardians and gods to their all peoples. Thanking them, pray to them, that Primal have give birth to 13 most powerful race to protect any nation who threat their home, under the protection of the 13 Primus, children of Primal.

Planet surface:

The planet is very beautiful that the atmosphere is very life-like that the colour of the planet is very identical to compare the Planet Earth, but bigger about 3 time sizes that the colour is green mix with brown along with blue ocean water. Many people couldn't verified to know more about that planet. Many explore and expert say that planet is very beautiful and very peaceful when they give them a nickname to that planet; The Jewel Planet.

Behind the scene:

Primal story were almost base on Transformer species and their creator Primus and the planet were almost identical to Doctor Who planet called Gallfirey, so clearly it is a mix combination species to become as one.

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