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Rebellion era

Prewt was a Neimoidian admiral who served the Galactic Minority, in 21 ABY being stationed on the occupied planet of Naboo under the presidency of Broasca Nar, who had entangled himself in a secret collaboration with Uahoo, a user of the dark side of the Force. Once the New Republic Chancellor Grewpsha commanded a diplomatic mission to that world, and thus the Commissioner for Interior Lanever Villecham arrived there being accompanied by Ben Solo, a padawan of the new Jedi generation, and Dexter Jettster, a drink seller, the Tusken Raider slew the President, consequently making Prewt a subordinate of his, and was shortly defeated by Luke Skywalker, allowing the ambassadors a quick way to escape. Soon after his participation in the invasion on Hosnian Prime, during which he moved into the Galactic Senate building along with his superior, the man died in the Space Battle over the surface of Naboo.


Early life and the occupation of Naboo

Similar to most Neimoidians, Prewt was born on Cato Neimoidia, and at one point of his life, he became a member of the Galactic Minority in order to serve them at the rank of admiral. Once the movement — under the presidency of Broasca Nar — invaded Naboo, Prewt inhabited the planet and located himself in the Royal Mansion in the Theed City, into which a cruiser was inserted as if overbuilt. The man was aware of his superior's collaboration with a Tusken user of the dark side of the Force named Uahoo, who perceived his own benefit in taking control over the planet, which was to find a certain artifact, the Obsidian Ring in fact.

Soon a membership referendum was arranged upon Broasca Nar's order. With the participant citizen's approval of joining the Galactic Minority, the thus-far Monarch Hallina was sentenced to death. The penalty, however, was not ever executed, as she was defeated by the Elite Padma Guard, which resulted in the Queen and them being locked down in an underfloor room below the Royal Hall.

Negotiations with the ambassadors

Admiral Prewt! I see our visitors are even less savvy than expected. Fetch the Corporal, please.
—Broasca Nar, to Prewt.

In reaction to a number of appeals from Queen Hallina, the New Republic Chancellor Grewpsha ordered a mission to Naboo, delegating it to her ambassadors, the Commissioner for Interior Lanever Villecham, Jedi padawan Ben Solo, and the Barman Jettster, who accompanied them, being guarded by James and Olbrych. President Nar went out to greet them and showed them to his office, located inside a large, gray-walled hall, where Admiral Prewt had been awaiting them behind the desk. Upon sitting down on an armchair, the Tarsunt sought to inquire about the subject of the negotiation, to which the Neimoidian responded by saying that it was his opponent who ought to start the talk, considering the meeting was Chancellor Grewpsha's initiative. With the senator overwhelmed in shame, it was Ben Solo who strove to improve the situation. However, Nar only snuck a glance at Prewt and delegated him to fetch the Corporal, in reaction to which the admiral set off at a glance in order to leave. In the meantime, Uahoo, who entered the office unaccompanied by Prewt, murdered Broasca Nar, as well as James and Olbrych. As opposed to them, Lanever Villecham, Ben Solo, and Dexter Jettster managed to escape and so save their lives.

Uahoo's initial authority

Look, sir, what those Banthas did! They murdered President Nar and ran away!
—Pret as concerned upon Broasca Nar's death.

Prewt was soon another one to enter the room. Upon spotting the passed-out Uahoo, he approached him and started smacking him repeatedly in attempt to awaken him. Once woken up, the Tusken stood up and scratched the top of his head, listening to the officer explaining what happened in his absence. Prewt alledged that it was the ambassadors that murdered the President and asked the Uahoo whether to send a droid squad after them. Although the Tusken confirmed, he emphasized that the chancellor's envoys were unable to leave the mansion-located fortess, so he would sooner the squat only teased them rather than killed. The command, however, aroused Prewt's doubt and prompted him to ask Uahoo as he was leaving how come he dared to pass orders to his subordinates. At the officer's words claiming the President to be gone, Uahoo started choking him through the Force, which resulted in the breathless Neimoidian kneeling down and wished the new president a long life.

After some time, as Prewt kept walking down a hallway, he noticed Luke Skywalker going out of a ventilation shaft. Despite Luke's aim to rescue the ambassadors, the plump Neimoidian asked him what that was to mean, presuming the man was only running an inspection. The surprised Jedi master confirmed his speaker's assumption, lying that the inspection's reason was a slight leak. For the embarrasing information not to spread, he expressed that he would rather have the officer not relay it any further. In spite of seeing through the Jedi's factual intention, Prewt acted as though he believed and so originally drew back slowly, but eventually speeded up his steps.

Finally, Prewt submitted a report to Uahoo, who then stood in a duel with Luke. Prior to the fight's beginning, however, he contacted Uahoo to tell him that the droids murder the ambassadors, arguing that Luke Skywalker had already arrived. Much as Prewt executed the command, the droids were ultimately defeated by the Padma Elite Quard, as well as the ambassadors ran away, and Uahoo himself was beaten by the Jedi.

Neimoidian War

Invasion on Hosnian Prime

Admiral Prewt, bring Queen Hallina.
—Uahoo as commanded by Uahoo.

In 22 ABY, the Galactic Minority undertook an attack upon Hosnian Prime and successfully took control over the planet, compelling the high command of the New Republic to go into exile. Uahoo settled down in the Senate Building along with Prewt.

Soon, inside the Throne Hall, Uahoo began questioning the Commissioner for Social and Cultural Policy, Rawse Varta, as he considered her to know much more on the Obsidian Ring due to the office which she occupied. However, she confessed holding that function because of her good relationship with Grewpsha. In attempt to force the woman to speak, Uahoo reached for his communicator and contacted Admiral Prewt, ordering him to bring Queen Hallina. Once brought to the hall being chained wearing the crown, the Monarch seemed to be sad. Seeing that, the Tusken addressed Rawse Varta, putting an emphasis on the age of the Queen and her make-up missing. He moreover considered a fifty-nine-years-old woman on the throne to be a shame, as well as ridiculed no handmaidens around her, as they were abandoned on Naboo. After a moment, Uahoo, as he continued sitting at the throne, reached out one of his hand and slightly leaned his body forwards so as to use the Force in order to lift the Queen in the air. Once he broke apart her handcuffs and started choking her, the confused and distressed woman attempted to stop the pressure increasing on her neck as though a rope, but not successfully. While the user of the dark side kept sitting at the throne, his body was bent forwards more and more as he tightened his palm. It was then that he shouted at Rawse Varta to make her confess the secret, threatening to kill Hallina otherwise.

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