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Prewt was a Neimoidian admiral of the Galactic Minority who was present upon the occupied planet of Naboo in 21 ABY, under the presidency of Broasca Nar, who was secretly engaged in a collaboration with Uahoo, a user of the dark side of the Force. Once the Tusken Raider murdered Nar during the visitation of the Commissioner for Interior Lanever Villecham, Jedi padawan Ben Solo, and barman Dexter Jettster, who were the New Republic Chancellor Grewpsha's envoys, Prewt became subordinate to the new president's authority. Following the ambassadors escaping and Uahoo being defeated by Luke Skywalker, Prewt participated in the invasion upon Hosnian Prime, where he settled in the Galactic Senate building together with his president. Soon after that, he died in the Space Battle over Naboo's surface.


Early life and the occupation of Naboo

Similar to most Neimoidians, Prewt was born on Cato Neimoidia. At a point of his life, he became a member of the Galactic Minority in order to serve them at the rank of admiral. Once the movement — under the presidency of Broasca Nar — invaded Naboo, Prewt inhabited on the planet and located himself in the Royal Mansion in the Theed City, into which a cruiser was inserted. The man was aware of his superior's collaboration with a Tusken user of the dark side of the Force named Uahoo, who perceived his own benefit in taking control over the planet, which was to find a certain artifact, which was the Obsidian Ring in fact.

Soon, a membership referendum was arranged upon Broasca Nar's order. When the citizens who participated in it approved of joining the Galactic Minority, the thus-far Monarch Hallina was sentenced to death. The penalty, however, was not ever executed, as she was defeated by the Elite Padma Guard, which resulted in the Queen and them being locked down in an underfloor room below the Royal Hall.

Negotiations with the ambassadors

Admiral Prewt! I see our visitors are even less savvy than expected. Fetch the Corporal, please.
—Broasca Nar, to Prewt.

In reaction to a number of appeals from Queen Hallina, the New Republic Chancellor Grewpsha ordered a mission to Naboo, delegating it to her ambassadors, the Commissioner for Interior Lanever Villecham, Jedi padawan Ben Solo, and the Barman Jettster, who accompanied them, being guarded by James and Olbrych. President Nar went out to greet them and showed them to his office, located inside a large, gray-walled hall, where Admiral Prewt had been awaiting them behind the desk. Directly after sitting down on an armchair, the Tarsunt sought to inquire about the subject of the negotiation, to which the Neimoidian responded by saying that it was his opponent who ought to start the talk, considering the meeting was an effect of Chancellor Grewpsha's initiative. With the senator overwhelmed in shame, it was Ben Solo who strove to improve the situation. However, Nar only snuck a glance at Prewt and delegated him to fetch the Corporal, in reaction to which the admiral set off at a glance in order to leave. In the meantime, Uahoo, who entered the office unaccompanied by Prewt, murdered Broasca Nar, as well as James and Olbrych. As opposed to them, Lanever Villecham, Ben Solo, and Dexter Jettster managed to escape and so save their lives.

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