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Prewt was a Neimoidian admiral of the Galactic Minority, who, in 21 ABY, was present on the invaded planet of Naboo under the chairmanship of the Chairman Broasca Nar, who secretly collaborated with the dark-side user Uahoo. When the New Republic Chancellor Grewpsha sent to the planet her ambassadors in the persons of the Commissioner for Interior Lanever Villecham, Jedi padawan Ben Solo, and barman Dexter Jettster, the Tusken Raiden murdered the Chairman, and Prewt consequently became submissive to him. Once the ambassadors fled and Uahoo himself ended up defeated by Luke Skywalker, Prewt attended the Invasion on Hosnian Prime, where he then settled with his chairman in the Galactic Senate building.


Early life and the Invasion on Naboo

So were most Neimoidians, Prewt was born on Cato Neimoidia. At some point in his life he became a member of the Galactic Minority to serve it as an admiral. When the Galactic Minority under the chairmanship of Broasca Nar committed an invasion on Naboo, Prewt began stationing on the planet, locating himself in the Royal Mansion in the Theed City, a cruiser had been built into which. The man was aware of the collaboration of chairman and the Tusken user of the dark side, named Uahoo, who had his personal purpose in the invasion, as he wanted to find a certain artifact, which was the obsidian ring.

Soon, upon the command of Broasca Nar, a membership referendum was carried out on Naboo. When the citizens who engaged in voting approved of joining the Galactic Minority, the previous Monarch Hallina was convicted of death. The conviction, however, was not finally executed because she was defended by the Padma Elite Guard, resulting from which the woman was closed in a room under the Royal Chamber's floor together with them.

Discussions with the ambassadors

Admiral Prewt! I see our guests are even less smart than I guessed. Please bring Corporal here.
—Broasca Nar addresses Prewt.

In reaction to a number of requests from Queen Hallina, Chancellor Grewpsha sent to Naboo her ambassadors—the Commissioner for Interior Lanever Villecham, padawan Ben Solo, and barman Dexter Jettster, together with the guard in the persons of James and Olbrych. Chairman Nar went out to welcome them, and when he led them to his personal study, located in a spacious, gray-walled room, Prewt had been waiting behind the desk inside. Just after he sat on a chair, the Tarsunt asked for the topic of talk, in respond to which the Neimoidianin said that he should start the negotiation himself, as the meeting was upon Chancellor Grewpsha's initiative. When the senator got overwhelmed in shame, Ben Solo attempted to rescue the situation. Nar, in turn, only glanced at Prewt and ordered him to bring Corporal, who was Uahoo in fact, highlighting that the ambassadors were not so smart. Afterwards, the Admiral took on to leave. When a while later Uahoo entered the room without Prewt, he murdered Broasca Nar, as well as James and Olbrych. Lanever Villecham, Ben Solo, and Dexter Jettster, in turn, managed to escape alive.

Uahoo's initial authority

Soon, Prewt also entered the chamber. When the man spotted the knocked-out Uahoo, he came up to him and started waking him by slapping his chests. At last, the Tusken woke up and scratched his head. Then, Prewt briefly explained to him what had happened, accusing the ambassadors of killing the Chairman. Asked whether to send droids after them, Uahoo said it was not worth it because they would still escape after all. Beyond then, he added that he would definitely not leave the fortress, which was located into the mansion. He therefore only asked him to send droids to tease them. Upon these words, Prewt also scratched his head and shouted at the dark Jedi while he was already leaving to rhetorically ask him how he dared to give commands to his subordinates. He highlighted that the Chairman was lost, but it was then when Uahoo started choking him, resulting from which the Neimoidian knelt down unable to speak even one word. When choking him, the Tusken said that the Chairman was dead, and then Prewt addressed him saying, "Long live the Chairman".

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