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Praetor was a special duty position in the Order of Keltrayu.

Overview and ranks

Praetor was not an equivalent of the Known Galaxy's ranks of Jedi Master or Sith Lord. Instead, Praetors were appointed, usually temporarily (though it could be for years), to perform some specific duty which required greater authority than that of a normal Centurion. There were several varieties of Praetor ranks.


Unhyphenated, a Praetor was a Centurion installed in command over other Centurions. This usually arose when a sizeable group of Centurions were sent on a mission, especially undercover or out of easy communication, and needed an "on the ground" authority instead of the inefficiency or even danger of reporting back to the Prefect of the Order. Like Legates, Praetors were given specific authority to accomplish a specific mission; when their mission had been completed, they would revert back to the permanent rank of Centurion. Indefinite appointments to the rank of Praetor were very rare, although Breek Zagrev was such a Praetor after The Tribulation.

The expression "permanent Praetor" arose among Centurions as a mocking term for former Praetors who, after the expiration of their command assignments, continued to exhibit an air of superiority or authority toward those who were once again their equals.


Eventually, the Order of Keltrayu became far too large for Tariun and Rin Sakaros to teach its Novices alone. Senior, experienced Centurions were therefore appointed to assist in the training of Novices. Praetor-Instructors would usually have a number of skills, while electing to specialize in a subject, such as diplomacy, lightsaber combat, other weapon skills, or various academic disciplines which required more finesse than could be left to educator droids.

Praetor-Instructors of the Order were usually addressed simply as "Instructor" or "Praetor" by Novices.


The lightsaber instructor for the entire Order carried the special title of Praetor-Blademaster; this Centurion was required to have mastered Forms I, II, III, IV, and V. While the Order did not teach Form VI, the Blademaster would usually develop "mastery" over this style as an inherent consequence of mastering the others.

Initially, Tariun and Rin Sakaros taught their Novices the various lightsaber forms; Rin was fully proficient in all seven, and Tariun had mastered Ataru and Djem So. They also made regular use of training droids. Eventually, however, the Centurion Kieran Sapphire developed sufficient mastery of the first five Forms to become the Order's first Praetor-Blademaster.


In the Empire's early decades, parents in the Golden Empire who suspected their children were Force-sensitive were encouraged to volunteer the children for service in the Order. Those who did so contacted the Royal government, which would itself contact the Order. Praetor-Recruiters were those Centurions appointed to visit potential recruits to test them for latent Force sensitivity. Praetor-Recruiters could then recommend potentials for induction into the Order; the Prefect had the final authority over admitting a Novice.

The enactment of the Midi-chlorian Registration Law in 156 ABY simplified Praetor-Recruiters' work somewhat, and Praetor-Recruiters usually tried to visit families within a few months of a Force-sensitive child's birth. Some children missed detection through various accidents or through not being born under the care of a medical provider subject to the law, however, requiring the sort of investigation common in the Empire's earlier days.

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