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Chapter One:Narrator

Two Years have passed and much has changed.Both "Callus" and the Jedi Mandalorian Alliance have lost many of their respective soldiers. After many long delays the Jedi have Mass Produced the Battle Gear, unbeknownst to them Callus (the Sith) have as well. Alex Trevino has secured his place as Darth Luvidicous' apprentice. Irena Kensik has just been stationed on the Sith Armada's newest warship, Guizer. The Guizer is a one of a kind ship, it is capable of transporting more than ten Battle Gear at a single time. Jiahta managed to survive the injuries he sustained two years ago when he was caught in a blast from a thermal detonator, Jiahta is now crippled, but has re-entered the war with his own Battle Gear, Mando's Pride. The Guizer and it's crew is about to undertake their first mission.

Chapter Two:Ireana Kensik

I stood on the deck of the Guizer, I was searching for tremors in the Force that could give away the location of the Jedi Base, I sensed nothing. I walked over and turned on the holonet and watched the latest holonews. I saw a woman reporter in her late thirties with long black hair facing the camera. Behind her was two Battle Gear going all out, I turned up the volume. "The Jedi are now being held responsible for the Urka III bombing that took place a week ago... behind me is a massive battle, the fighting started when two Jedi were caught planting charges at a Callus Weapons Depot stationed here on Guthrax Prime." I turned up the volume. "The two Jedi that were captured have yet to be identified." I watched as the Jedi Battle Gear was cut in half and self destructed. I turned to the Guizer's Captain, Brian Nye. "Are you thinking what I am thinking?" I asked. Brian nodded, "I suppose I am, Drex take us to the Ralmos System!" "Yes Captain!"

Chapter Three:Darth Luvidicous

I sat in my seat on the bridge. I watched Alex Trevino as he walked over to me. I spoke first. "Excellent work, I saw you piloting the A-1, that Jedi was no match for you." "What do you want?" "I don't want anything, I need you to go to Korriban with me, there is something there that I must recover. I have put it off for far too long." "You can get it without me." I stood up, everyone on the bridge was staring at Alex and me. "Do not overestimate your value to me, Alex." Alex met my gaze, I stared into his yellow eyes. "When do we leave?" "We leave now." It was finally time.

Chapter Four:Jiahta

"Let's go over this one last time. You want me to finish what Les and Vey started and then aid the recovery team?" Casp nodded. "Yes, this planet was instrumental in aiding us with developing the Battle Gear. Callus' dark shadow must not loom over the planet, if it does than our allies will be found and tortured for information reguarding the location of our base." I walked to the Mando's Pride and turned on all systems. Before I knew it I was on Guthrax Prime, the weapons depot was surrounded with three turrents. Les and Vey had managed to destroy the other six before being caught. I took out two of them with the Mando's Prides Blaster and the remaining one with the Prides Sword. I backed up a few yards and shot a tank outside the depot, I watched the inferno completely consume it. I quickly flew off before I had any company.

Chapter Five:Ireana Kensik

I stood at the Guizer's loading ramp, I was waiting for the G.P.S. Officers to arrive with the two prisoners. "Ugh, I wish they would hurry up!" said Tony. I smiled and turned to Tony, "They are almost here I can sense them." "I still don't fully understand this Force shit." The speeder stopped a couple feet from the ramp. The officer that had been riding shotgun was missing half his head. "What's going on?!" "We were being followed." said the surviving officer. We walked over to the speeder, just as we reached it I saw a couple of unmarked speeders in the distance. "Oh Shit!" Screamed Tony as he opened fire on the speeders. Lightsabers flashed to life and deflected back the blaster beams, one of the beams scorched Tony's arm. We got one of the prisoners on the Guizer as the two speeders stopped. "Get on the Guizer" I shouted to everyone. We were all on the Guizer and off the ground within five seconds. We soared off leaving behind one of our prisoners. "Who are you?" I asked the Officer. "Randy, Randy Corm." replied the officer with a salute."If you will excuse me, I must see that Tony is taken care of." "Of course."

Chapter Six:Darth Luvidicous

Alex and I had landed in the Valley of the Dark Lords without any sort of opposition. We stepped onto the sand without a word. "What do you think of this place, Alex?" I asked as I turned my head to him. "This place is strong in the darkside, it feels familiar." "You should be honored, not many have set foot on Korriban in the last five hundred years." "I can see why." I stopped in front of a temple. "This temple is where one of the first Dark Lords of the Sith is rumored to rest, Marka Ragnos." "Enough with the history lesson, let's just get on with it all ready." "Your lack of respect for the old Sith is most unnerving." "The old Sith are dead, why respect the dead? Only the living can kill, have influence over anything." "Oh you are wrong about that, very wrong indeed." "Like I said, enough with this." "If you insist." We continued our journey across the sand of Korriban, We stopped at the spot that the holocron had indicated. "It is here, help me dig." I ordered Alex as I threw a shovel to him.

Chapter Seven:Jarod Casp

I walked up to the group of Jedi that had carried out the rescue mission. "Is everyone alright?" I asked. Les Sorka stepped forward. "Yes and no, the Jedi that rescued me are fine as am I, but..." "...They Still have Vey." I interupted. "Yes." I want to talk to you alone Les, if you are fine that is." "I am fine." Les and I walked into an unoccupied room. "Did you recieve any... bad treatment?" "Not really, they smacked me around when I didn't tell them what they asked for, but that was all really." "I see, so do you know where Vey is at?" "No, the G.P.S. didn't even know where we would be sent to. They were to hand over any Jedi to Callus, they kept us from using the Force by forcing us to take Death Sticks. Poor Vey refused, they gave her shots of the stuff. I was pretending to take the Death Sticks, but they found out. I heard one of the guys transporting us mention how Callus had come up with the idea to use Death Sticks to block out our connection to the Force." "This is troubling, why don't you go rest."

Chapter Eight:Vey Augie

The blindfold around my eyes was stripped off. I saw a girl that looked like she was around my age. She was looking me over, determining if I was a threat or not. I spoke first. "Can I have something to drink?" "Tony, bring me some water!" I watched as a guy brought a glass of water over and handed it to her. I opened my mouth and I felt the water rush down my dry throat. "Thanks." "Is the containment cell ready yet?" asked the Girl. "Yes." said the guy who had brought over the glass of water. "Tony, put her in there and make sure that it is suitable." "Yes Ireana." Tony led me to my cell. I saw a cheap cloth tied around his left arm. "What happened to your arm?" Tony stopped walking. "I was hit by gunfire making sure that you were brought aboard." We kept walking and finally reached my cell.

Chapter Nine:Jarod Casp

I stood alone in the cafeteria with my four best Battle Gear pilots. "Les Sorka, Lyle Nixol, Jiahta, and Oxion. You are the top four Battle Gear Pilots here on Pazi. I need you to rescue Vey Augie, in order to do that we need to find out where she is being held. There are three places that may contain data on her whereabouts. There is a Callus Prison Base on Urka III, she could be there or headed there. Rumor has it that on the planet Skeetooine there is a secret Callus testing facility, it may contain her or data on her. Then there is Valorum which will have information on her location." "Valorum is too dangerous." said Les to the others. "I will leave the four of you to discuss where to go."

Chapter Ten:Darth Luvidicous

"We have been digging for two hours and have not found a blasted thing." "It is here Alex, I know that it is..." My shovel hit something before I could finish my sentence. I bent down and pulled up on the unknown object. I pulled up an old durasteel container. There was an inscription on the container it was mostly unreadable. It read: Wear a_ y_u_ own pe_il R_gn_s _a_ _nflue_c_ over wh_me_er _ear_ his gau_tl_t_. we walked back to the ship. When we made it inside I opened the container and smiled when I the gauntlets that were inside. "We came all the way here for that?!" screamed Alex in anger. I lifted up my right hand and made a slow grasping motion as I lifted it in the air. I watched Alex levitate and try to grab at an invisible fist at his throat. I released my hold and watched Alex hit the ground. He was not moving. "I think I tried to rush things to quickly with you." I said as I punched some buttons that lifted the ship off the ground.

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