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Power of the Force is a Star Wars Twenty Two part fan fiction series that was written by Eric Faloner. It was released on December 8, 2010.

Publisher's summary

The events following Fire and Carbon are fully explored.

Episode List

Special Episodes







"You are to bring me the Jedi's only operational Battle Gear." "I know who the traitor is!" "Charles!" "Dammit, we were to late." "Ireana, Get to the cargo hold! We are going to crash into that mountain!" "Is that boy just going to be decoration or do you intend to do something about him?" "I just want a normal life." "I didn't hit you, Adazam did, he put an illusion into your mind." "You lie!He would never do that." "He did it so you would free him, he never loved you he just wanted to turn you to his cause." "Scan, he is... dead." "Where did you get that bracelet, it belonged to my mother." "I don't know, I lost my memory, my earliest one was Scan finding me on Anaxis." "The Force is a dangerous thing, it must be wiped out." "May the Force be with us."

Behind the Scenes

  • Power of the Force was initially going to be the sequel to Fire and Carbon, however it was deemed to be too long for a single story. It will serve as a tie-in to the Sequel of Fire and Carbon. There will be a minimum of 20 "episodes". Each "episode will have at least 10 chapters a few will have 11 chapters.
  • On October 4th it was announced that there would be a total of 22 "episodes".
  • On April 26th 2011 a "special episode" was revealed, it is meant to answer questions raised by the Power of the Force series as well as bringing up new ones.
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