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Port Taormina was a city on Alsakan. It was located on the sea-side slopes of a group of mountains on a large island. The city was one of the smallest on Alsakan, with just over 100,000 residents. It was a popular vacation spot due to its unadultrated views of a large sea and undeveloped mountains. Its name was derived from the ancient Alsakanese settlement there that established it as a colonial port nearly two thousand years before the founding of the Republic. During the Seswenna Security Crisis, the city had a small regional spaceport, but most spacefaring traffic traveled through the larger, nearby cities.

In the center of Port Taormina was an AlsaBanc branch that was the focal point of a bank heist that resulted in the death of numerous residents, including Shmuel and Mally Delwynn. Port Taormina was the hometown of Evening Delwynn and her sister Twilight Nariu.

Behind the scenes

The city is named for the Sicilian town of Taormina, and the fanon location was designed to reflect the location and history of that community.


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