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Very interesting! I never though that Po Nudo's chest armor could have protected him from Vader's slaughter.
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Po Nudo: Last Man Standing was a novel series by User:Yodakenobi. It started on May 18, 2008 and ended June 11, 2008. It was one of User:Yodakenobi's first pieces of work on


Betrayal on MustafarEdit

In 19 BBY, the Clone Wars are coming to an end, the Separatists have met together on Mustafar. Nute Gunray and the other leaders get a holographic message from Darth Sidious informing them that the war is over and his apprentice Darth Vader is coming to reward them. Vader arrives and slaughters the Separatist leaders, or has he? Aqualish leader Po Nudo and his aide have survived the slaughter.

Action on UtapauEdit

They head to Utapau in an attempt to meet up with Separatist leader Tikkes. However, their shuttle pilot has deactivated and the shuttle is about to crash. With quick thinking, Nudo quickly takes control of the shuttle and lands it to safety. They plan to find droid leader Grievous, but find his dead remains. When the two Aqualish turn around, they find Clone Commander Cody that they are enemies along with the outlawed Jedi. Nudo and his aide are informed not to move, but shoot down clone troopers despite the warning. Cody kills Nudo's aide, which angers Po Nudo. The angried Separatist leader shoots Cody in the hand. After Cody escapes, Tikkes shows up and meets with his friend. Tikkes wants Po Nudo to go with him to Geonosis to meet up with Gizor Dellso and his backup droid army. Cody returns with more backup, but loses his life when the Arcona Jedi Master Mex Hado arrives and deals with the clones. He meets the two rebels who promise to help him since Order 66 has been issued. The shuttle that Nudo arrived in is destroyed by more clones. The three invade the gunship and take out the clones. However, Tikkes is kidnapped and taken away by Utapaun warrior Bane Frodo and the clones. Mex and Po Nudo escape, meanwhile Tikkes is to be interrogated when all of a sudden, the Quarren is rescued by Jedi MasterEven Piell. Bane Frodo helps the two out by leading them to a shuttle. Mex and Nudo fight off an AT-TE, but Mex destroys it with a rocket launcher. They learn that Tikkes was captured and head after him.


Tikkes, Piell, and Frodo arrive aboard a Mon Calamari Cruiser to meet Gran warrior Mola Ram, Jedi survivor Plo Koon, the Gotal Satipo, Kitonak Barranca, Xeoto Gasgano, Neimoidian Belloq Haako, Rodian Toht, and Vulptureen Dietrich "Dud" Bolt. Plo Koon explains his stories and the gang plans to head for Kamino to talk to Lama Su, but realized the Kaminoans support the Galactic Empire. Barranca orders the pilots to head to Saleucami to meet up with his Kitonak battalion and Jedi survivor Stass Allie.

Action on Geonosis and SaleucamiEdit

Meanwhile, Po Nudo and Mex Hado arrive and are captured on Geonosis after a long duel in the factories. Gizor Dellso orders the prisoners to be executed by two Acklays.

Meanwhile the Mon Calamari Cruiser arrives on Saleucami and meet up with Stass Allie. Toht, in a hurry to leave, runs off after the reunion and is eaten by a Rancor. Kitonak leader Kazim arrives and assists in the battle against the mighty rancor. The beast finally falls when it gets too excited and chokes on Toht's remains. The group heads back to the cruiser.

Back on Geonosis, Mex Hado and Po Nudo duel with the acklays and then discover Geonosian Sith Acolyte Darth Rubix. Rubix stabs Hado in the stomach leaving Po Nudo to duel with the Sith. The acklay that Hado flung out of the arena landed and crushed Rubix. Nudo took out the acklay and headed to Hado. Mex gave his dying words to the ex-Separatist explaining that he trusts Nudo will restore order and peace to the galaxy.


The Mon Calamari Cruiser lands on Geonosis and intercepts Nudo and the late Jedi Master. They then think of a new plan, but Belloq Haako shoots Satipo in the head, kills the Mon Calamari pilot, and the Kitonak crew is turned against their former friends. Darth Vader and a group of Stormtroopers arrive and thank Haako for the call.

Vader chokes Tikkes to death and then the stormtroopers and Kitonaks are thrown into the air lock. The three Jedi and other crew members battle aboard the cruiser. Kazim and Barranca duel with the Jedi, but Stass Allie cuts off both of Kazim's arms and throws him into the electric prison fences and is shocked to death. Barranca is thrown into the airlock. Mola Ram and Plo Koon plan to deal with Belloq Haako, Stass Allie and Gasgano headed to chase Vader, who had fled in a TIE Advanced x1, and Even Piell, Bane Frodo, and Dietrich free the other Mon Calamari prisoners. Belloq killed Gasgano before Plo Koon ended his life by melting his skull. Mola Ram, whose life was saved by Plo Koon, helped him flee with Stass Allie. The prisoners were freed by Piell, Frodo, and Bolt, who took a special crusier to hunt down Vader.

Final ShowdownsEdit

Aboard Vader's Star Destroyer, The Iron Man, Nudo is to be killed by Vader's guards. Nudo gained the power to kill the guards with the force and cut off Vader's arm with Mex Hado's lightsaber. He flees with the Jedi and heads to Felucia to be trained as a Jedi. Back on Coruscant, one final duel against Wilhuff Tarkin results in deaths to all but Koon, Allie, and Piell. They flee to Dagobah to meet up with Yoda. Even though the Jedi on Dagobah eventually die, Nudo is forced to head to Kashyyyk to live the remainder of his life. After his death, he became one with the Force.




Behind the ScenesEdit

The names of characters such as Belloq Haako and Mola Ram came from the Indiana Jones movies.

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