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Phox was a human male who commanded the New Republic's Sparrow Squadron at the rank of Colonel. In 21 BY he participated in the sitting of the Military Council at which an election of a new Speaker was supposed to be carried out, following the death of General Cristin of Malaster, the previous holder of the position. Against the then understanding of the Status, Phox reported two candidates rather than one, and so opposed the candidature of Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo, who was ultimately elected the successor of the late Cristine in spite of a number of objections.

In 22 ABY the New Republic's Capital Planet of Hosnian Prime was invaded by the Galactic Minority, governed by Uahoo, a Tusken user of the dark side of the Force. It was then that Phox found himself among a handful of officers and diplomats to go into exile. In the Space Battle, whose purpose was deactivation of a panel of the wireless electricity which battle droids were powered with, he sacrificed his life by aiming his V-wing Alpha-3 Nimbus fighter at a gun of the Neimoidian Cruiser, which resulted in its destruction being caused in effect of a collision at the speed of light.


Early life

Phox was born a red-haired boy of a human family. At some point of his life, he became an officer of the New Republic in order to serve it at the rank of colonel. He also engaged in the Military Council and was given the command over Sparrow Squadron.

Election of a new Speaker

Objection! I nominate two candidates: the Admirals Acbar and Statura!
—Phox, as he took the floor.

In 21 ABY, the previous Speaker of the Military Council, General Cristine of Malaster, died during the performance of his duties. As a result of the vacancy, the Vice Admiral Holdo summoned an additional meeting of the Military Council, involving such figures as General Han Solo, the Admirals Ackbar and U.O. Statura, the Commissioner for Interior Lanever Villecham, and Senator Leia Organa. Upon taking the floor, the chairperson invoked a few arguments in favor of her aspiring to be General Cristin's successor. As opposed to her postulate, Colonel Phox reported an objection and nominated two candidates to face the woman, Admirals Gial Ackbar and U.O. Statura. The man suggestion sparked off a resonant approval of the crowd. When the astonished Vice Admiral Holdo took the floor once again and perceived an apparent contradiction to the Military Council Statute, Lanever Villecham stood up to speak. The Tarsunt asked the others ironically what evil would be brought, what harm would people face, and whether unlawfulness and anarchy would reign over them if two people were voted rather than one only. After that, he emphasized that — in accordance to him — the rules were stated for the reason to be broken, and so he did not see any arguments why two speakers could not be chosen. Afterwards, he petitioned to penalize Amilyn Holdo by imposing a fine upon her for interrupting the sitting's order and ruling her out of the population of the New Republic's citizens. The request of the senator, however, was voted down, as the Vice Admiral was eventually granted the post which she had striven for.

Initiation of the Neimoidian War

In 22 ABY the Commissioner for Interior Lanever Villecham, together with a padawan of the New Jedi Generation Ben Solo and barman Dexter Jettster, ran a diplomatic mission on the planet of Naboo, which found itself under the invasion of the Galactic Minority. In spite of recapturing Queen Hallina successfully, the man finally wasted the chances for a peaceful negotiation with the independent movement, which resulted in Hisnian Prime being invaded within following days. Consequently, the high command, also featuring the Colonel Phox, distraughtly went into exile.

They all soon arrived on Skawa, a republican space craft, and assembled around a circular table that flickered blue. Along with a group of the Military Council's members, involving Admirals Gial Ackbar and U.O. Statura and General Lando Calrissian, Colonel Phox stood close to Chancellor Grewpsha and a group of senators, inter alia the Speaker Amilyn Holdo herself. It was then that the room was entered by Lanever Villecham, who was leaning on a crane when accompanied by Ben Solo on his right. With her arms folded across her back, Grewpsha greeted the Commissioner and conveys her pleasure to see him alive. Moving on the factual subject of the meeting, she expressed her certainty that the Minority must have been behind the attack, as well as said shared her concern about the quantity of the soldiers she commanded, as their number was not a factor that allowed them to recapture the planet. In reaction to those words, Commissioner Villecham sneaked a glance at Holdo out of the corner of his eye, as though meaning to blame her, and soon after he said it was her fault, proving his intention. Looking at the pink-haired woman as she backed down on the discussion and lowered her head astonishingly, Colonel Phox took her side and said that it did not matter who was at fault, considering that the Galactic Minority was going to terrorize the galaxy as long as there were any planets that did not bow to them, wielding such forces as they had at their disposal. Ben Solo was another to join the talk then. The 17-years-old boy noted that the movement was managed by a pretty powerful user of the dark side of the Force, meaning Uahoo. So much unkind as using an undiplomatic word, Lanever Villecham stoked up the talk with his opinion, which prompted Grewpsha to take a step back, though she did not leave any comment on his behavior, being aware of the seriousness of the situation they were all in. She only replied that the New Republic in Exile was only possessed of three cruisers, including Skawa itself, and a few V-wings. She also referred to Sparrow Millennium, sneaking a peak at Lando Carlissian, as if in order to make certain whether her words were in accordance to the actual condition. Then it was Phox who spoke up. The man perceived that the Galactic Minority possessed a cruiser of a far more size, in addiction to an army of vulture-like droids. In his view, the Republic in Exile did not have any chances to defeat that movement. Villecham acknowledged that Phox was right, addressing him as "Mr. Phox", and concluded that they were not able to switch off the entire army by pressing one button after all. On other thoughts, however, Ben Solo suggested that it was possible. The Tarsunt, on the other hand, firmly sustained his mind, claiming it not to be possible due to them not being controlled by use of a controller. Ben Solo then became enthusiastic and reminded that they were controlled from the cruiser installed inside the mansion in Theed, referring to the moment when he and Lanever passed by that panel when escaping from Uahoo. As it continued not to appeal to Lanever Villecham, the young Jedi directly addressed Grewpsha, saying that he, Senator Villecham, and General Calrissian volunteered for that mission to facilitate a recapture of the Senate with the help of the local police once the panel controlling the droids was deactivated. The Chancellor projected his idea, and therefore finished the quote together with him. She approved of the plan at glance and signaled that, as soon as the deactivation of the panel was compete, she should be informed so that she could send people with help. The woman then looked around the table and wished everybody that the Force be with them.

The squad which Lanever Villecham commanded successfully dealt with the mission to deactivate the panel generating a wireless, electrical beam. In the meanwhile, however, the Neimoidian Cruiser left the hyperspace over the surface of Naboo, with both Admiral Prewt and the Galactic Minority's Vice President Upel Newtareg aboard. On the latter's command, fire was supposed to be opened at Theed City, as it was regarded useless due to the panel being off. However, because of a hidden intervention of the later, the less populated Otoh Gunga was shelled. Almost at the same time as the beam's collision with the planet's surface, the area was arrived in by the Skawa cruiser, with Chancellor Grewpsha on the bridge, enclosed by Vice Admiral Holdo and Senator Thanlis Depallo on her left and right, respectively. The Chancellor passed a clearly understandable command, and so addressed to the Colonel Phox in order for him to undertake an immediate attack. The woman motivated that Theed could not be allowed to follow the fate of Otoh Gunga. Phox confirmed having received the order from the deck of his V-wing fighter and, within following minutes, he flew out of the board of the cruiser along with five other fighters, so as to be headed directly towards the Neimoidian Cruiser, which had open fire towards them through guns which officers operated by reason of a lack of vulture-like droids, caused by the previous deactivation of the panel.

However, it did not take long until nearly every single fighter was shot down, and voices of the last two pilots were heard by Phox via his communicator. When he slowed down, it became clear that the cruiser's shield was not passable either be the fighters, amongst which there was only one left — the one driven by Phox, or Skawa itself. In the wake of that, Grewpsha addressed to the Colonel through the communicator and told him to turn back, considering he was still unable to get through because of everyone being dead but him. Phox's plan, however, was far different. He sneaked a glance at the gun, seeing it aimed at the planet, and announced that he would not allow so many human victims. At the words of the Chancellor, who repeated her command that he should come back as there was nothing he could do, he plugged off the navigation and — addressing his following words to the Chancellor and Speaker Holdo standing beside — claimed that it was an honor to serve with them. It was then that the Colonel also turned off his communicator. Having aiming himself at the gun, he commenced having a hyperspace tunnel detected. Ultimately, he closed his eyes, and soon after his small-size fighter collided with the Minority's cruiser's gun at the speed of light, which cost the man his life.

Post mortem

Meanwhile, aboard Shawa, Grewspha took her hands off the back. She listlessly glanced at the destruction and straightened up, as well as smiled a bit. She turned right and looked ad Vice Admiral Holdo to praise the courage and loyalty of the red-moustached man. The pink-haired woman admitted, in turn, that the politician was right on that and additionally pointed out his perfectly performed maneuver, which — in accordance what soon turned out — cost the Galactic Minority their last ship, and resulted in both Prewt and Newtareg's death.

Personality and skills

Phox was a clear-thinking person and additionally a great pilot. He did not mind a lack of respect towards him from commissioners of Grewpsha's office. In the name of the New Republic, he was inclined to sacrifice his life.

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