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Chiss era

The Phalanx-model cruiser was a heavy cruiser developed by Xelosian Conglomerate Enterprises. The ship was constructed for use in the Dark Reach navy, but also found it's use in the Galactic Arbiters and the Trandoshan Hegemony. While the ship's original design was based on Clone Wars-era vessels, it's well-rounded, introducing a new Xelosian Conglomerate Weaponry weapon, the Storm-class artillery, the equilevant to Cybe Drives' CA-1783 artillery.


A ship based on the older Cybe Drives Valiant-class Star Destroyer and Venator-class Star Destroyer, the Phalanx resembled old Galactic Republic ships, but was well armed, it in fact sported the newest Xelosian Conglomerate Weaponry weapons, including the Storm-class artillery, as well as having upgraded cannons. Like most Xelosian Conglomerate Enterprises ships, it was armed with the Flood-class projectile launcher as well.


Xelosian Conglomerate Enterprises Starship Classifications
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