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Persei was a planet famous for its speederbikes.



Speederbikes were the main type of transportation on Persei. The planet was so large, that walking to most destinations seemed like a suicide mission. Speederbikes were able to be purchased for as low as one thousand credits. The fuel was very cheap as well. By law, they must have been certified for a lifetime. Almost every citizen had a speederbike.

Some other forms of transportation included a government funded transportation system. The government sent carrier ships to transport citizens from one place to another. However, admission to the carrier was a monstrous six-hundred credits. The fuel that the carriers took up was very costly. The only other way to travel was by a cart ride. The carts were moved by Banthas so they did not go very fast, but they had a station in every city. A cart could transport up to seventy-five people at a time. Carts left the station every twenty minutes. A one-day ticket on the cart cost one thousand credits, but it was good for the entire day.

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