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The Outer Rim's best Technology
—Review by Vaalshanbe News

Perrat Industries was a Technological manufacturer from the Rise of the Empire era onwards. Their most famous product was the Droideki, an improved version of the Droideka series, which was released after Droideka's were all destroyed.



As records from around 350 BBY stated the founding of Perrat Industries, but could not agree on an exact date, little was known of the early days of the company. It was considered most likely that it was founded in Zhe city, the capital of the Sun-Pyong region of Abassid. Soon after, it opened a new branch in Vaalshanbe, the capital of the Urrusu region, as this was the biggest spaceport in the outer regions. The first chairman/chairwoman/chairmen of Perrat Industries were totally unknown, as no record stated any information about him/her/them.

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