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The Perlemia sector was a galactic sector located in the Outer Rim and along the Perlemian Trade Route. It encompassed planets such as Rhen Var, Ossus, Chandor Prime, Belderone, Felucia, Chandaar, Murkhana and Galidraan. It was one of the few sectors in the Outer Rim that was represented in the Galactic Republic. It was created to help to make a major trade conglomerate, and save suffering, and once prevalent, systems like Ossus and Rhen Var from collapsing despite the major trade route nearby.

This sector was also home to one of the few cloning facilities in the galaxy as well as a major Tibanna Gas hub, both on Chandor Prime. This sector allied with the Republic during the Great Galactic War. It was a major staging area for Republic operations in the Outer Rim and saw many battles due to its position along the border of the Republic and Barbarian territory. Later on, Simeon Darkmoon traveled to Felucia, in the sector, to investigate a disturbance reported on Felucia.

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