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Golden Age of the Republic

Pelmar Aiden was the Director of the Governmental Investigative Network, an investigative branch within the Judicial Forces during the Seswenna Security Crisis.


Aiden, a Human from an undisclosed location in the Mid Rim, originally was trained as a bounty hunter. It was rumored that he either belonged to or was affiliated with the Dark Moon organization. He was later found by Judicial Forces recruiters who trained him to work undercover in spying and investigative operations. With his knowledge and history in the underworld, he became a reliable agent within the Republic Protectorate, garnering a reputation that earned a bounty for his life. Aiden was involved in some of the reconnaissance work needed for Anwis Eddicus's raid against the Norulac Freebooters 729 BBY.

Aiden felt hamstrung by the dense, non-streamlined structure of the Protectorate and opted to leave the organization as a full-time agent. He returned to bounty hunting, but once again his affiliations remained secretive. He did work many government contracts and was still listed by the Protectorate as one of its "affiliate contractors." One bounty he sought to take around 720 BBY was an Outer Rim drug sting. During the hunt, however, Aiden was seriously injured. He required cybernetic limbs when his legs were both amputated below the knee. It appeared that his injuries were going to force his retirement or return to the Protectorate to perform less dangerous missions and ultimately deskwork. With his connections to the bounty hunting realm and his skills as an investigator, he was asked by Supreme Chancellor Rosock Mekosk and GIN Director Ula Rekovivnav to become the Assistant Director of the GIN and Coruscant Bureau Chief a year later. Aiden's mission was to reform the GIN and make it more effective in investigating its cases and doing other undercover work for the Judicial Forces. He also desired to streamline the bureaucracy, eliminating unneeded, often duplicating positions. Among the first hires the man made was a young, little-known investigator named Evening Delwynn. 711 BBY, Aiden was promoted to Director of the Governmental Investigative Network with the retirement of Rekovivnav. His nomination was approved by Chancellor Mekosk at the behest of Rekovivnav and Thyferra Bureau Chief Eloban Slorfit. Upon promotion, he quickly promoted Delwynn to the head of the Major Case Response Unit to fill a vacancy left in that team.

The election of Anwis Eddicus as Supreme Chancellor of the Republic forced the two men to regain their previous connection. Eddicus trusted Aiden and kept him as the Director of the GIN. Aiden continued to lead the agency when the Seswenna Security Crisis broke out.



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