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The Pellaeon II-class Star Destroyer was one of the most powerful starships ever created. An evolution of the Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer, it was able to defeat without much damages four CR100 frigates and their complements; in fact, its armament included also twenty point-defense laser cannons that were added for its anti-starfighter role.


The Pellaeon II-class Star Destroyer seemed like his predecessor, the Pellaeon-class, but the Pellaeon II was longer than it: while the older was less than 1600 meters long, the newer reached 1700 meters. So the Pellaeon II featured more hangars and more cargo space.


The Pellaeon and the Pellaeon II had similar weapons numbers, but in the newer vessel there were also 20 point-defense laser cannons. The other weaponry consisted in 20 heavy turbolasers, 30 medium turbolasers, 20 ion cannons and 15 proton torpedoes launchers. As its predecessor, the Pellaeon II featured tractor beams; they were 10 in the newer.

The Pellaeon II-class also owned an interdiction field. So the organization using it didn't need any interdiction cruiser and the Pellaeon II was able to intercept a starship during its hyperspace travel and to destroy before that the enemy crew could realize what was happening.


Pellaeon II-class Star Destroyers were used during the entire anti-piracy campaign and they always had devasting effects against the weaker Pirate Alliance starships, as in the Battle over Geonosis.[1]



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