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—Patrick Rahr

Patrick Rahr is a Jedi master of the Grand Army of the Republic. He has an I.Q. of forty nine and considered one of the dumbest yet deadliest combatants in the Jedi Order and the whole entire Republic. He is known for having extreme cleverness in the battlefield and the ability to sense other people's movement more than any other Jedi in the order. He has participated in numerous battles across the galaxy such as the battle of Kamino, battle of Coruscant, etc. Patrick has no major squadron he was designated to in the Republic hence always being on these missions and assignments with an ample amount of soldiers.


Early Life and Training

Patrick Rahr was first born on Earth, a planet with a lot of minerals that started the battle known as the Battle over Earth. He was very fond of his action figures that he had when he was child, thinking that his future had something to do with the galactic war going on. Days after his birthday in the frigid month of February, Separatists stormed his underwater hometown using aqua droids and submarines. Aqua droids physically showed them their built in ability of killing and slaughtering innocent lifeforms for no reason whatsoever. There was a couple of Republic scouts in the area just to recon the environment around them. When those Republic forces finally noticed that one of Earth's underwater cities was under attack by the opposing forces, they quickly alerted their party of the disturbances and picked up any and all remaining survivors of the attack. Unarguably, Patrick Rahr was the strongest survivor of the siege of Earth's Pacific ocean; having fended for himself with his deceased parents' kitchen knives. This is what gave grand master Jedi Yoda a chance to put Rahr's survival skills to the test with lightsaber combat training. He passed mostly every test for physical warfare but obviously did not pass the knowledge test for data collecting and strategic planning. He was mostly paired off with Jedi general Obi-Wan Kenobi and clone trooper captain Rex. He formed a real bond with them over the years of the Clone War.

Clone Wars

Second Battle of Earth

This is my fight!
—Patrick Rahr during the second invasion of Earth

The Republic was sent down to Earth to fend off against the Confederacy once again due to an embedded and hacked message with Admiral Two-Gun stating that they will soon attack at an unknown time. Rahr was utmost infuriated that they will once more attack his homeplanet of Earth. He was accompanied by Captain Rex, Commander Cody along with Obi-Wan Kenobi, who had a serious conversation with the governor of the country, who accused the Republic of stealing their supplies. Right after that semi-heated argument between the two leaders, an attack ensued with multiple droid dropships in the air. There were also droids on the surface to make it a full on assault. Out stepped Darth Night which made Patrick Rahr even more furious because of their relationship already. He charged at him and caught the evil sith crime lord by surprise. He claimed that this was his own fight and nobody else's but Obi-Wan strongly disagreed. Once Night was finally too incapacitated to fight, out popped Two-Gun and confronted his old archenemy. Once he fired at Patrick, he deflected the blast and it bounced back to hit Two-Gun in the shoulder. He walked on over to the injured admiral and made him into even more physical pain, and Captain Rex saw everything Rahr bestowed upon Two-Gun. Not liking what he saw, he convinced the Jedi master to let go of his past and move on in life. That seemed to work on Rahr so he left Two-Gun on the dust who eventually escaped. The decently sized Republic squadron cleaned up the remainders of the battle and mourned the dead after a long day of tragedies.

Hunt For the Stolen Technology

Right after an enormous battle took place on a ship known as the Eagle, Patrick Rahr along with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Commander Cody, and a few others accompanied each other in finding their missing technology piece that consisted of data and plans that the Separatists and Republic could both use to their advantage. The person who took it was the dreaded Darth Night. He was the prime sith lord besides the hidden sith lord known as Darth Sidious. On board a medium sized Republic attack cruiser, they detected strange movement on the Rocky Planet of the Korean Course. Obi-Wan ordered a small party to go down to the planet which included himself, Captain Keeli, Gold Leader, Wesson, and also Rick. Patrick was ordered to stay aboard just in case anything would happen, which it did- Darth Night tricked them to go to the planet so he can steal documents from the Eagle regarding the third technology piece. A few long hours after that, Patrick was called upon by Keeli from the planet telling them they required some assistance so they all went down to the planet and a huge fight broke out between good versus evil. This forced them to exit the planet's surface and also forced them to land on another. This planet had an unknown name for unknown reasons, probably because they were all too busy with the galactic war than just to name random planets in the universe. Patrick admired himself in his reflection of a lake but did not even know what admire means. Later on, it was all out war and Darth Night pushed on, killing Keeli in the process. Though Night did not uncover any more traces of the third technology piece, neither did the small Republic squad in regards to the second technology piece.

The Hidden Enemy

Nothing makes sense anymore!

Patrick meeting Obi-Wan and Anakin in the Christophsis base

Deep in the beautiful city of Christophsis, Jedi masters Patrick, General Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker along with clone commander Cody and Captain Rex were tasked with an assignment to liberate the natives from the evil Separatists. The natives had tried, at first, on their own but all they could do was fail, so in result of that, the chairman of Christophsis contacted the Republic for assistance. They devised a plan from over their comlinks while they were in three separate buildings- Rahr with Captain Rex, Skywalker with Hawk and Kenobi with Cody. When a clone trooper named Gus spots that the droids were splitting up, Obi-Wan immediately contacted Rahr and Skywalker. Out of nowhere, those droids had entered the building wherein Obi-Wan and Cody were stationed and began to open fire on their troopers. Patrick made contact with Skywalker and was confused as always so Anakin ordered Hawk to issue an evacuation to the South tower where Kenobi was. Patrick used his lightsaber to break the glass in their skyscraper and Rex then fired his cables to the next building. When they got there, Rahr led the counter attack behind the incoming droids that were trying to push through. Having cleared enough space to semi-safely get to the elevator, the Republic squadrons made their way to the roof and awaited Skywalker's arrival. In the meantime, they fended off several more reinforcement battle droids which killed two more clone troopers. Finally, Skywalker and Hawk arrived and Rex and Cody provided cover fire while the troops got on board. Rex informed them on the ship that a tactical droid's head may tell them how they knew their plan. Captain Rex activated some wires and plugged it into the tactical droid's head at their base. Patrick and Cody examined. It started to make verbal noises, stating only that the Republic army was in the North, South and far East towers and the level they were on. Rex exclaimed that it did not make any sense and afterwards Patrick stated nothing makes sense. Obi-Wan and Anakin entered, wondering why this was all happening. Obi-Wan advised to look out for a traitor in their midst that startled Rahr and shocked the two high ranked clone troopers. The master and apprentice left the control room in addition to talking about infiltrating the Separatist capital on Christophsis. Rahr decided to stay behind and help in the ongoing investigation. They gathered enough information that the evidence clearly pinpointed to someone from Sergeant Slick's men. Once they got into the barracks with all of Slick's men lined up, Rahr began the questioning with Cody alongside Rex keeping a close lookout on the clones' behaviors. When the interrogation was finished, Cody caught Slick say accidentally confidential information about the Jedi's plan; in conclusion to that, he got socked in the face. Rahr and Rex started to engage whilst Cody being helped up by clone trooper Punch. There was a short fistfight that consisted of Rahr, Rex and Slick which quickly ended from a swift kick from Rahr to the face. Getting ready for a new battle, the Republic remained speechless when they heard the traitor was Slick.

Hunt for R2-D2 

Patrick, Dud, and Rex on the Separatist base

On the Ruusan moon, R2-D2 has been apprehended by a Separatist ally and has been brought over to General Grievous. Sent by an injured Anakin Skywalker, Patrick Rahr, a mechanic named Cosette, Captain Rex, Rex's second in command, Dud, and a few other clone troopers board the Twilight to the Separatist base on the Ruusan moon, despite Obi-Wan's orders to stay put. When they got to the moon's atmosphere, Rahr was the first to jump off the back platform to the outer platform of the base. The clones followed, holding their breaths. Rex exclaimed that Dud should be lugging this astromech around, referring to R2's temporary replacement. Patrick cut a hole through the roof and they all jumped in. R3-S6 got to work on disabling locked an dray shielded doors. Taking forever, Patrick and Rex started to lose their patience, asserting that the rust bucket with no intelligence is worse than the original. Cosette made a face. They all could hear the sound of footsteps of clanking battle droids approaching, getting ever so much closer. Rex got out his DC-17 pistols and was the first to fire along with Rahr activating his lightsaber. Rex issued an order for Dud/his other troopers to throw droidpoppers at them. Soon the battle droids had been finished off and in stepped General Grievous with his four lightsabers at the read. Cosette moved in first which urged the Jedi to take evasive actions. She was kicked by Grievous and Rahr moved in, acting dumber than usual. That act of stupidity fooled Grievous in anticipating Rahr's moves wrongfully, and that gave the opportunity for the clones to fire at the droid general. That injured him and he started to retreat. Cosette got up and went after him, forcing Rahr to go after Cosette. The clones were left behind with the squadron of dead droids, thinking about what they should do next. Rex volunteered to go after Cosette, so he raced off into the deeper depths of the sphere-like base. The other clone troopers inlcuding Lieutenant Dud kept an eye on R3-S6 who was still trying to open that ray shielded door. They believed that R2 was directly behind that locked door. Just when R3 had at long last opened the door, magna guards ignited their electro-staffs and threw it at one of the clone troopers, killing him. Dud shot one in the head, yet it kept on going towards him. The battle raged on. Dud tried to see if R2 was actually in the room or not- he was. Another clone trooper bit the dust before Dud sneaked in to the disassembled R2 unit. He tried to repair it but did not know how, thus making his demise rather in vain.

Cosette followed Grievous into a dark room. Patrick caught up to her and commanded her to shut up and get out of sight- most likely the wisest words Rahr has ever said. They could hear the eerie sound of the general's lightsabers activating. Cosette raced up to him with her loaded gun only to end up getting stabbed in the stomach by Grievous. Angered, Rahr charges in but gets knocked off his feet. Coming to finish Patrick off, Rex entered and blasted Grievous in the face which forcefully made him fall over and back again. Rex helped Rahr get back on his feet and stared at the corspe of Cosette in disgust. They quickly rushed back to R2 and assembled him and left the building. But right behind them was R3-S6 with his built in lasers at the ready. Then they realized that the whole base that was in midair was falling due to R3. Of course, Grievous had gotten away and R2 was in a brawl in R3. Rex contacted the pilot of the Twilight known as Haddock to meet them in the main hanger. Every droid started to evacuate the premises. Rex told Rahr that there was no time to get R2 so they departed right after Haddock landed in the main hanger. They took off but in the meantime, Rahr got into his personal Jedi starfighter to go back and get R2, which he successfully completed after R2 destroyed the other astromech. As they went back to the Coruscant medical base, Anakin commended Rex and Rahr on their mission, however, felt sorrow for all those lost.

First Battle of Geonosis

This place is too dusty for my liking... whatever my liking is.
—Patrick regarding Geonosis

Patrick also took part in the first assault on the dusty planet of Geonosis. Anakin and Padme Amidala were in efforts to try to rescue Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi from the notorious bounty hunter, Jango Fett. Anakin and Padme eventually got captured as well and were brought to the Geonosian arena where Obi-Wan was being held captive. Releasing three monstrous beasts, the Separatists aimed for the entertainment of all Geonosian bugs. Patrick was one of the Jedi to stop Jango Fett from allowing the Jedi and Padme to be eaten. When Jango was decapitated by Jedi Mace Windu, Rahr swooped in, allowing the three captured to escape with ease along with the help of Grand Jedi master Yoda.

Rahr and clone Captain Ranger recovering after a crash

Second Battle of Geonosis

With the aid of Jedi generals Ki-Adi Mundi, Luminara Unduli, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker, Patrick Rahr was placed under the command of Captain Ranger's squadron. Overseeing him was Master Mundi. Their primary objective was to destroy the Geonosian bugs who were creating trouble for the Republic. Patrick was there when the four other Jedi generals along with the high clone trooper ranking officers were being debriefed on the battle tactics. Rahr's group was in charge of cutting across and making it to the rendezvous point. The troopers and Jedi got on board Republic attack gunships and flew out of the Republic attack cruiser ship. Patrick was boarded with Master Mundi and Captain Ranger and their ship eventually got shot down along with others as well. The only ship that made it to the flak safely was Commander Cody's; Anakin and Captain Rex's also got shot down. Ranger and Rahr sprinted to Ki-Adi Mundi who was fatally injured by the crash. Ranger described how hard they got hit which triggered an emotion of sadness inside of Rahr and Mundi. They pushed forward, making landmarks as they went on their way. Ranger specifically ordered for Admiral Yularen to bring more air support down but the admiral denied due to the evidence that there was way too much firepower in the sky as is. Rahr helped make landmarks for the injured Mundi by cutting down pillar-like rocks that had formed from underneath the ground. They soon got into a cave of some sort and the Geonosian bugs began to attack, killing a couple of men. Mundi ordered for the Flame troopers to attack and push forward. Rahr accidentally pushed into one of the Flame troopers and luckily hit the remaining bugs, but was later scolded by Obi-Wan. When the battle was all won and they met at the rendezvous point, Patrick, Mundi, and Anakin all compared battle droid killing scores- Patrick won.

While Anakin and Obi-Wan were debriefing Rex, Cody, and Ranger's squadron, Rahr decided it was best to keep on interrupting them during the times they were explaining. He later exited from a Republic attack gunship to meet with Jedi Master Unduli who was admiring the remains of the semi-minor Republic victory. Obi-Wan accompanied him. They chatted about their costly victory but still have to find and apprehend Separatist affiliated and Geonosian leader Poggle the Lesser. Master Luminara respectfully volunteered to go and try to find some clues with clone trooper Buzz. Hours later, she contacted a Republic attack cruiser ship where Rahr and others were stationed and stated that she might have tracked Poggle to a certain loacation. When she and Buzz got to some type of temple made out of Geonosian rock, they were attacked and Buzz was killed. Rahr was the one who said that whenever he has a gut feeling that something went wrong, he gets hungry. Obi-Wan admitted in agreeing with Patrick on this one and sent a clone squadron and themselves out to investigate Luminara's last known position. Captain Ranger discovered a hole that led to an underground cave as Obi-Wan spotted Unduli's lightsaber laying on the ground. Commander Cody suggested that they would go into the hole and see what happens. The Republic squadron entered and later on Ranger had a clone named Gearshift and his partner to go and make contact with outer forces but were later killed by the mysterious undead bugs. At the time of finding Luminara, they also found Poggle who was about to feed her some type of parasite. The three Jedi approached and Obi-Wan chatted with the queen of the Geonosians. Poggle continued to do his procedure on Luminara. Anakin argued with Obi-Wan who said he wanted to see what will happen until Rahr hushed both of them up, saying he would like to continue to watch the movie in silence. Both other Jedi rolled their eyes and Anakin swooshed his lightsaber to kill that parasite and injure Poggle. Ranger, Cody and their men all shined lights onto the Geonosian zombies and began to shoot down the ceiling of rocks. When they all got out of the lair, they headed for the gunships, taking off for the cruisers.

Virus Nano_A

In a mysterious galaxy far from any known solar system, Patrick Rahr along with Colonel Burnside, Commander Stone, and Commander Tee, were trying to keep the peace in that certain sector of the mid-rim. Suddenly, there happened to be a mysterious virus looming through the air like it was supposed to be there. Later on, a clone Shock trooper named Bly was able to identify the disease as Virus Nano_A. That disease could easily and instantly eat up one's neurons and transform it into something else- something controlled by a dark and evil person. It was a man made virus, taking years of study and practice until he could fully master it. After realizing that the man made virus was done by a Republic soldier on board named Goff, Patrick immediately swung into action to try to track him down on the base and prevent any more clone trooper casualties. Rahr, Burnside, Stone and Tee went to the main hanger where all of the treacherous clone troopers were and opened fire on them. They made sure that they would put their weapons on stun instead of kill. considering the fact that they were still clone trooper brothers. After taking down an ample amount of infected clone troopers, Patrick was the first to realize an escape pod, fleeing the system. He suggested should we open fire at it if Goff was inside but the colonel denied. Patrick and the gang soon made contact with their base in an attempt to get rescued. As they waited for hours, the Republic squad agreed to retire the ship they were currently in, known as the Hawk.

After Order 66

Joining the R.M.S.

After the Great Jedi Purge, Rahr did not hesitate to join the Resistance Militia Squadron, a paramilitary organization created from the disbanded members of the Republic. Rahr was first introduced to Major Johnson, one of the leaders of the R.M.S. and reintroduced to Commander Stone, another leader. He was tasked with the assignment of overseeing new Jedi newcomers' training. Sadly for them, not much Jedi or force-sensitive beings came and enlisted to the Resistance Militia Squadron. He was then put in charge of look-out monitoring on the scopes and scanners. But due to the unforeseen fact that Rahr cannot work a computer device to save his skin, Johnson moved him to R.M.S. base Alpha-4 so he could become Commander Blitz's problem. One of Rahr's first physical tasks in the Squadron was to rescue Commander Stone from potential peril, as he was in enemy lines. As a brainwashed clone trooper named Fox aimed a gun at Stone's head, he could hear the sound of Patrick's tarzan noise rise from the distance. Rahr set a couple of platforms on fire, distracting stormtroopers to rescue Stone.

Rescuing the Princess

I'm going after Night. If any of you follow me, I'll be forced to do something.

Patrick switched stations again after the events that involved Stone to get a better vibe with everyone else that was either new or not. A Jedi named Clasina (also a Purge survivor) walked over to the main control room where everyone was at and devised a plan on how to rescue the princess from the dreaded Darth Maul. Rahr was one of the few not to object but he was dozing off. But nevertheless, a squad prepped themselves to get ready to infiltrate and liberate Princess Leia at the presumed coordinates. The Jedi starfish was in charge of the distraction department in the foray. When they arrived a few miles away from the base, all Hell broke lose as a landmine went off, fatally injuring a rookie and brutally injuring Clasina. Rahr was seen casually chatting to Ranger as Ranger was blasting at the guards, guarding Maul's base. Ranger called him a numskull and commands him to get down. Stone tried to assist Clasina but she ran off, mysteriously to the heart of Maul's cage. She wanted to take on Maul by herself, believing it was her own destiny. The squad regrouped outside of Darth Maul's secret base. Rahr suggested that they should take Clasina and push her somewhere else; that resulted in everybody just staring at him. Whilst Clasina battling and losing against Maul, Rahr swooped in and kicked Maul in mid-air. But there was no Princess Leia in sight. When they all headed back to their base, condemnation flew through the air by everyone verbally attacking each other. Suddenly, there was an anonymous tip from General Clasina, as she conducted her own research after they rescued her. Rahr's skills were put to the test at the time when they needed him to decode secret Jedi messages from the cloaked figure in the anonymous tip message. He made it out, saying that there was a greater evil working with Darth Night. Stone tracked Night's base and practically sent the entire base's faculty to bring a head-on assault. Night exited from a door that led to a balcony and, without wasting anymore time, Patrick performed a high Jedi jump and brawled with Night. Night got an advantage by Rahr falling back and just when Night gloated, General Clasina popped out of nowhere to force throw heavy crates at him; but heaven only knew that bravery of her's costed her own life. Stone chased down a treacherous clone trooper captain named Chev so Rahr helped. Little did they know that both Rahr and Chev ran into what Clasina said earlier about a greater evil- Clyde Burrell.

The Dictator

Patrick was the first living being from the former Republic to meet the malicious dictator known as Clyde Burrell. He was in too much shock to say anything, especially in front of Clyde. Since Patrick was in shock, his mouth was open and Clyde kicked it for fun. Later on, Rahr and Crane were both put behind bars while Princess Leia was forced to walk to the far end of the room to enter the main center of Clyde's base. The very next day, the newly dubbed slaves of Clyde Burrell have been summoned to Clyde's main room again, only to be forced to go into servitude. Rahr was summoned last to read aloud the schedule and remind the dictator what number day it was. Clyde practically automatically remembered that it was day five. But the way Rahr had said those words was not like Rahr at all. He sounded extremely drained, beat, and abused. What Clyde did not noticed but Rahr did was Commander Stone giving secret finger motions on his leg. Both Patrick and Captain Ranger just did a slight nod. Docks was intrigued by Clyde Burrell's leadership and charisma, that he accepted the demand to fight in his arena against Stone. When the two got into the arena to begin their fighting, Rahr yelled a remark to Stone saying to hit Docks where the sun don't shine. Ranger had been taken to his cell but interrupted the guards trying to escort them their by assaulting them and stealing a sniper rifle to shoot Clyde with. Even though Ranger had missed due to a distraction, he still caused an uproar in which Stone gave the signal to Rahr again to battle Clyde by jumping on him. Clyde soon got an advantage with rage but Crane entered with his rifle and shot Clyde, yet, Clyde deflected it and it hit Crane in his side. Rahr sneaked up from behind and bonked Clyde.

Helping Crane across the whole base to try to escape, Rahr encountered Darth Night, who had been in hiding for so long. He tried to convince them that he had changed his ways and outlook on himself and life, but Rahr chopped his head off with his lightsaber. Crane, who was impressed and shocked, asked him what the Hell was that. Rahr replied saying he had a chocolate hat on and suggested that they move it or lose it. Crane thought it was the starfish's best idea ever. Stone and Ranger met up with Princess Leia and Senator Bail in medbay but were instantly tracked down by the dictator. Out of nowhere, Patrick swooped in and battled Clyde for the very last time. Suddenly, a huge boom came from the outside of the base and they all thought that they were done for. It was in reality, Resistance Militia Squadron reinforcements. Feeling ever so happy, they retaliated in the base while the Jedi starfish activated the self-destruct sequence with a countdown of ten minutes. Clyde got back up and met his demise when a gunship opened fire on him. Stone and Ranger were in charge of getting civilian former slaves out of the blast radius. The base then exploded and it took everything, except horrid memories.

Encounter with Ponds

Rahr was assigned to go with Crane and Stone to investigate a message left from a presumed Commander Ponds right where he was believed to have been killed. All they found was a dummy that resembled Ponds, but obviously was not him. Later on, Ponds' tasks by Aurra Sing have all come down to a raid on one of the Rebel Alliance's capitol planet, Onderaan. While the former clone commander and one of his new trainers opened fire from afar, Rahr got the injured to safety and behind cover. Once Stone confronted Ponds, he demonstrated Patrick is as safe as could be, even though he was a Jedi. That thoroughly convinced Ponds that the Rebellion was not evil after all.

Skirmish on Carlac

With a Rebellion base on the snowy planet of Carlac and the Death Watch near, anyone could expect anything... except a deadly virus that virtually eats up one's neurons and transforms them into a hideous beast. Captain Carg of the Carlac base made the newly rejoined Ponds to send out a distress signal while the others look for the Death Watch to receive assistance. Rahr was one of the members of the small group of reinforcements including Rex and Stone. Soon afterwards, they all met up with the others in the Death Watch area, only to find them shoveling to find a rare and priceless item that was supposed to help them. An all out battle ensued and the Rebellion had one, killing two of the top commanders of the Death Watch. This left for the overall leader of the clan known as Bo Katan to ban them from the area or it will be declared war.

After the Battle of Yavin

Battle of Endor

Battle of Endor

In 4 ABY, Rahr was part of a task force that was sent to Endor to destroy a relay base that was interconnected to the second Death Star. The task force was intercepted by scout troopers with speeders. Rahr and Commander Rex went an alternate route to attack the scout troopers; Rahr sliced one speeder with his lightsaber and Rex shot down the other. Soon, they reached the shield generating base and were met with extreme force by stormtroopers. Han Solo, who was leading the charge, entered the base along with Patrick, pretending to be scared to lure the remaining stormtroopers into a trap (even though Patrick was actually scared). The trap worked with the help of Ewok reinforcements. However; not that much later, the groups of rebels were caught in an imperial trap. When all seemed lost, Rahr and Chewbacca surprised everyone in AT-APs and opened careful fire upon the near stormtroopers. After the Death Star exploded, Rahr was seen being formally introduced to Wedge Anitlles during a celebration on Endor.

Third Battle of Ryloth

In 6 ABY, a new threat had arisen - the First Order, led by a former clone trooper named Major Scrape. The Rebellion tried to gather every last known official into the conference room, which especially included Rahr, Leia, Stone, and Han Solo. After listening to an intercepted message Patrick and Solo got into a minor confrontation after Patrick's pun about having a "major scrape" on his flipper. They were both silenced by Leia. Later on that day, Luke Skywalker arrived at the main Rebellion base, all wounded. Han was determined to find out who did this and why so and Chewbacca set off and discovered a secret First Order base. When they got back with the help of Sector Commander Ponds, Rahr pointed out that they were followed. Suffering multiple casualties, they headed to Kashyyyk for reinforcements. They were met by Quinlan Vos and mutliple other wookies who were making loud noises, which made Patrick laugh. It was soon time to depart for Ryloth and all of the rebels hurried and saddled up. Once they arrived, they cornered Scrape's defenses whilst Stone going to out talk to him. Scrape threatened them with Rahr not understanding the threat. That sparked a little rage in Scrape's system but got distracted when a clone trooper named Wesson assailed him. Stone gave the order to open fire. Scrape fought off Wesson and when Scrape got an advantage, Patrick swooped in and crashed into him. A loud boom caught the attention of Rahr and Scrape ran into the tower with Stone following. Patrick went back to the medical bay where an ample amount of rebels were. Suddenly, a loud boom went off near the First Order's capital building, where Stone and Scrape were in. Patrick admitted that it was his stomach that made the noise but it was indeed the building. It started to collapse with the two in it, leaving a saddened Rebellion behind.

Rebel Internal Conflict

Rahr found himself sitting in front of Two-Gun in Cell Block D and had a conversation with him, until a fight within the Rebellion broke out in their homebase. Rahr helped try to break it up. Later on, Patrick noticed a stressed Commander Ponds and politely confronted him. Ponds revealed an article to Rahr that had a picture that resembled Stone, so Ponds trusted Rahr to keep it a secret. With problems rising with the new recruit, Wesson, an all out battle ensued with a return of Scrape. When all hope seemed lost, Stone and Ponds blasted their way in and won the battle.

The Yuuzhan Vong

Hey, it's me! Come and get some!
—Rahr, distracting the Vong

On Yavin 4, Ponds and Carg were on the verge to find any means of food. They soon, instead, discover a Yuuzhan Vong operative, who then captured Carg. Rahr and Rex seek justice and find Carg along with two other clones in a trial. Rex shot a Vong right beside the leader, Shimrra Jamaane. Patrick activated his lightsaber, waved it around, and all Vong members chased after him, capturing him.

Aboard the Koros-Strohna

Rahr was taken to Vong custody on the Koros-Strohna. Same with Commander Ponds, who wakes up right next to Rahr's cell. They soon meet another inmate named Cougar Stanton. Suddenly, the cell doors deactivated and the three escaped, but not before encountering Major Scrape. He commanded Ponds to shoot him in the leg. Ponds hesitated so Rahr did it for him.

Battle of Kamino

Once they returned to Yavin 4, they found Princess Leia with open arms. Cougar suggested they go to Carlac so they can convince the Death Watch to join them in an upcoming battle that both Rahr and Leia predicted.


Darth Night

You know what, Night? You are a big, fat bully. Nobody likes you! I hope that you die. That's right, I said it!
—Patrick to Night

Patrick and Night had fought against each other for many, many years. It all started with the hunt for the stolen technology piece when Night wanted/needed that piece of hardware that contained technological research for the Separatists. That was also when Darth Night made his debut from hiding. Night also led the second attack on Earth which did not sit well with Rahr, knowing it was his homeplanet. No matter what, whenever they fought each other, there was always a stalemate between the two, as if they did not want to kill each other. Before the Clone War, Rahr had the same feud with Darth Maul but Maul would almost always let his fury cost him the battle.


Patrick Rahr: “You piece of baloney! I remember.
Two-Gun: “Oh yeah. I remember too! I also remember when you kicked me where the sun don't shine.
―Patrick and Two-Gun bickering about the first battle of Earth

Ever since a young Two-Gun attacked his home and slaughtered his parents, Patrick never forgave nor forgot. After months and months of full on contemplation of his parents and the Separatist naval commander, grand Jedi master Yoda sensed a present feel of disturbance within Rahr. That's when Yoda decided that Rahr must become a Jedi to help let go of his past and move on in life. Before long, Rahr became a Jedi master and when a much older Two-Gun appeared on Earth for the second time, Patrick did not hesitate to help take him down.


Thank you, pal. You redeemed yourself.
—Crane to Patrick

Captain Crane was never exactly too fond of Patrick but they could get along nicely at some points. Most of the time, Crane would tell the starfish to shut up due to the fact that Patrick would have done something stupid. In the lair of Clyde Burrell, Rahr saved Crane from Clyde, himself, and assisted him from trying to escape from the base. Crane called Rahr a sly dog and Rahr appreciated that. Come to Crane's death, Rahr, after the encounter with Commander Ponds, mourned him gratefully with much respect and honor.

Personality and Traits

Patrick trying to construct a new base

Being a dim-witted yet kind and selfless soul, Patrick Rahr has demonstrated his persona in many situations. He has earned the respect of many clones, Jedi and all manner of soldiers alike due to his expression of humor and altruistic acts such as saving people in an orderly fashion, swinging his minty green lightsaber at battle droids when ordered to do so, and always having his comrade's back. He possesses the unique ability to act so block-headed in front of his enemies to unintentionally deceive them and leading them to their demise. Patrick can be distinguished as a breathing starfish out of water. He consists of a pointy, pink head and stands around six foot five.


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