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Parable Weapons was a small weapons manufacturer based on the planet Corellia. It was founded during the Great Sith War, where it sold weapons and cruisers to planetary militias.

After the Great Sith War, Parable began specialization research in blaster weapons. It produced expensive laser cannons for nearly one hundred years before larger companies began mass producing similar quality goods, which undercut Parable Weapons' profit. After losing this market, Parable began to focus on personal weapons. The company developed several small sporting blasters targeted towards the wealthy. Finding success in this market, Parable focused solely on weapons marketed to the upper classes of society.

Around 34 BBY, Parable Weapons was bought by the bounty hunter and businessman Ryluk Shouja, who ordered a price reduction on several of the highest selling blasters. The lower price attracted a much larger market, and the name Parable Weapons became better known throughout the Corporate Sector of the galaxy.


The original factory, which remained the main factory throughout Parable's life, was located on Corellia. The company quickly expanded, opening a second plant three years later on Commenor. The company expanded to several planets, and eventually even built a shipyard above Corellia, which they later sold to the Corellian Engineering Corporation (CEC).

One plant was opened on Taris around 3,958 BBY, shortly after the end of the Jedi Civil War. It was destroyed along with the rest of Taris during Malak's bombardment of the planet and was reestablished two millennia later, once Taris had been resettled.

Factories (chronological order of establishment)

Shipyards (chronological order of establishment)


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