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Golden Age of the Republic

Delwynn: “It seems like they have you following me around everywhere.
Bimwera: “They know you follow the bodies that keep piling up.
Governmental Investigative Network Special Agent Evening Delwynn and Medical Examiner Palt Bimwera[src]

Palt Bimwera was a medical examiner in the Governmental Investigative Network in the years leading up to and during the Seswenna Security Crisis. He worked often with Special Agent Evening Delwynn, and the two joked about their frequent meetings. In actuality, Delwynn relied on Bimwera and his staff for information and held the office in high regard for their quality of work. At the same time, Bimwera was not always available for Delwynn when a body was found, resulting in assistants or aides coming to retrieve the corpse.

During the outset of the crisis, Delwynn came across the body of the assassinated senator Hanik Regueny of Commenor while in Eriadu City. Bimwera arrived in an unmarked vessel, having been en route through the area, and retrieved the body of the senator and the other two beings who had been killed. Because of the sensitive relationship between Eriadu and the Republic, Bimwera was forced to smuggle the bodies out of the Eriadu Convention Center with Agent Delwynn and secretly escape the confines of the planet proper.


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