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Salutations!, I am your Personal Emergency Nurse!. I'm a Personal Emergency Nurse of Nakamura Research Laboratories, or PENNY series, medical droid. My designation is PENNY: 55165, or you may just call me Penny.
—Penny greeting clone troopers

PENNY: 55165, or Penny as she called herself, was a Nakamura Research Laboratories PENNY series medical droid that was manufactured and constructed by Nakamura Manufacturing and Construction. Like her sister droids, she was created to be a personal medical assistant to her owners.


Penny was excitable, kind and protective of her creators as well as her owners and "friends" she had made during the last few days of the Clone Wars. Being a droid, Penny was also interested in human socialization as well as human behaviours, making her distinctive from other Personal Emergency Nurse-class medical droids as well as being the only droid of her class to perfectly wield two lightsabers.

Behind the scenes

The name and appearance of this character are based on Penny Polendina from the RWBYverse, as well as her personality being partially based on that of Penny's. Her designation number is also a reference to Penny's height in both inches and meters. No crossover intended.


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