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Out of Darkness: Prologue

Contrary to what we’ve all been told about, Shmi Skywalker did not die on Tatooine and was not kidnapped by the native inhabitants of the planet. Everything what happened was an intrigue of her husband, Cliegg, who was also a Sith lord named Darth Shpanner. While Anakin was killing the Tusken Raiders, the man had to improvise, so took the bag with Shmi’s body, replacing it with a potatoe bag which was finally buried in the Lars family grave for long.

At the age of the Empire, Shmi was in command of the Galactic Kingdom, the country founded in order to destroy both Palpatine’s monarchy and Mon Mothma’s rebel group. Some time ago, however, the woman chose the side of her country’s aneme, the organization called the New Federation, leaded by her husband, Cliegg. It was he that some time before the Battle of Yavin founded the Lords of the Sits, an order of the dark side. Unluckily, Cliegg died during the Battle of Kywalker, when Shmi was hurt as well as him, having broken her kidnay. Because of this, she had to wear the mask on her face until the end of her life.

But Cliegg didn’t capitulate, and contacted to his wife as a ghost. He told her that Pajda, a Gungan woman living on Jakku, knew the way to make him alive again. When Shmi had gone out on a date with her, she got lost during the explosion of the station she already was on…

Season Title Published on Time of the plot
Prologue Out of Darkness: Prologue October 5, 2017 None
Season 1 Out of Darkness: Episode 01 – Talk with Lars July 25, 2017 10 ABY
Out of Darkness: Episode 02 – Go Back to Jakku October 6, 2017 10 ABY
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