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Out of Darkness: Episode 02 – Go Back to Jakku

Luke was determinated to do what his grandfather told him. Otherwise he was awere that his grandmather, who was Shmi Skywalker, could know more about the fallen Jedi Order. But Luke didn’t speak to anyone that he hoped she was once one of them. He coulnd’t say she wasn’t and he couldn’t say she was.

Luke’s father was probably growing up right on Tatooine. As he knew, he was also born there. So where might his mother be from?

Luke stopped thinking and looked at his friends: Han, Leia, Leia Windu and Lando. They were all walking on Chandrila, the capital planet of the New Republic government.

"Where are you taking me?", asked Han. "Since we’re gonna visit Pajda, we’d better take the Falcon".

When they had come where they were going to, the smuggler saw something smaller than his ship. Lando took off the rag which was placed on the machine and then Han could not belive that it was true what he was looking at.

"This V-wing, it once belonged to a Gungan Jedi master. And now this is yours. You said you were flying by the ship like this", said Leia.

"Where is the Falcon now?", Han replied.

"It’s sold", said Luke. "We’ve sold it to Ducain. It was such an useless and old ship."

Han started crying, talking something about a theft. While his friends were leaving him alone, they were sure these were tears of joy.

"Thank you a lot, guys", said Lando. "He couldn’t find out that I did scratch his machine during the Battle of Endor."

In the evening of the same day, friends came to Jakku and were looking for Pajda’s place of living. She was only one who might tell them where Shmi Skywalker was. They really wanted to meet her.

"Good evening", said Leia, when she had gone into one of tents placed on the planet. "We’re looking for Pajda. Do you know where she already is, lady?"

The person Leia was just talking to ignored her.

"Leia, I’m afraid this is not lady", said Leia Windu. "It’s a gentelman, such a good-looking gentelman!"

"My name is Counciler", the man started talking. "No, I don’t know where Pajda is but as I see it, she’s not all right."

"Not all right? You mean she’s gone?", Leia Windu seemed suprised.

Counciler set aside the potates he was peeling.

"You know what? About nine years ago Pajda tried to revive the guy named Cliegg Lars as Shmi Skywalker told her", he said.

Then Han and Luke also came into the tent.

"Shmi Skywalker? Do you know where she is?", asked the boy.

"I do. She’s far from here…"

Counciler could not finish what he started talking because of a young boy with dark hair. He might be five years old.

The look of Kylo Ren as a child.

"Kylorenny", said Han Solo. "You need to learn how to tie your shoelaces yourself, like adult men do that."

"I know what I have to do but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it. Will you help me?", the boy seemed like he wanted to cry.

"Yes. Anything"

When Han Solo ended to do what he was requested, Kylorenny said "thank you".

"Well… so do you know where Shmi Skywalker already is?", Luke asked Counciler again.

But Counciler wasn’t gonna continue the topic and took a knife, starting to peel potatoes again.

"We don’t have all the day!", shouted Leia Windu. "If you don’t tell us where Shmi is in the moment, I will get you!"

Having spoken these words, Leia showed her sinews to Counciler.

"By the way, Shmi was my friend as a child. We used to go to the same school… actually… both of us come from Dantooine…"

"Dantooine?", asked Luke. "Why have you never told me that you’re from Dantooine? And why did you not tell me you know my grandma?"

"I’m sorry, Luke", said Leia.

"Okay, it’s nothing. You know? I’ve got an idea. You’ll stay here and I will come to Dantooine. This is where Shmi can be present now."

To tell the truth, Luke’s plan changed because Lando also stood on Jakku. The man said he was too tired. When the sun had gone down, Leia and Lando lighted a fire. While talking, Lando was shot by an unknown murder and fell dawn.

"Welcome, Shmi", said Leia Windu. "Thanks for that. Luke cannot find out about Celina."

"That’s right but he also cannot find out that I’ve been to the Unknown Regions."

Season Title Published on Time of the plot
Prologue Out of Darkness: Prologue October 5, 2017 None
Season 1 Out of Darkness: Episode 01 – Talk with Lars July 25, 2017 10 ABY
Out of Darkness: Episode 02 – Go Back to Jakku October 6, 2017 10 ABY
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