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Out of Darkness: Episode 01 – Talk with Lars

It was four years since Darth Vader was turned back to the light side by his son, Luke Skywalker, who had now set out for a journey across the galaxy in search for Force-sensitive people to feed the new Jedi generation.

He had already touched down on Endor. He had not been there for long. The truth be told, Luke would prefer to leave the moon as soon as possible. It was there that he initiated a duel with his father and the Emperor six years before. Despite the success being marked, his positive memories were overcome by the fear which he then underwent — the fear of lost of his friends.

Luke had run a lot of trips. Helped by Lor San Teka, he had managed to achieve the forgotten Jedi archives. The boy, however, was originally disappointed. He did not understand why Jedi could not become involved. He therefore decided to back down of that rule and tie the knot with Leia Windu, an inhabitant of Dantooine. It was no one else than her that informed him of an ancient headquarter of a powerful Force users' group, once located on Endor. Although Luke wanted to keep as far away from that aspect as possible, he preferred to wield complete knowledge on that matter.

He stopped over and then though that it must be there. A huge, old oak emerged in front of his eyes. He decided to come into the hollow. He went over and over, and despite the darkness, Luke perfectly wielded the skill of seeing in the dark, and so he could see things. Suddenly, he stopped again.

"Luke, Luke", he heard. "You must fulfill your destiny, you must finish what we started…"

Skywalker turned around. There was nobody, though.

"Who are you?", he asked. "Are you some Jedi? Are you a Force spirit?"

He heard nothing and so repeated the question.

"Luke… Saving one's identity is only a way of a handful of Jedi… I've saved my individuality in the mask you can see in front…"

To Luke's surprise, a mask was really lying in front of him.

"Did it belong to you?", he asked.

"No", the voice replied. "This mask was designed for my wife, and your grandmother, after Darth Ewad wounded her kidney."

Luke gradually began getting it straight in his head.

"My grandmother… Shmi, right?", he whispered. "Did she fight the Sith?"

"Ohh… of course", said the voice. "One day she arrived on Jakku, the planet inhabited by Slice. That Gungan women was supposed to help her bring me back to life. Unfortunately, soon after the station she was present on had a collision with WookieeStation."

"Did she die?"

"I don't know", Luke heard. "WookieeStation, in turn, ended up in the Unknown Regions and left no sign behind."

Luke became concerned. He knew of the Empire's remains which headed towards the Unknown Regions.

"Luke, you have to find Shmi and conquer the Empire's remains with her help."

Luke raised his head.

"Where am I to look?", he asked.

"Go back to Jakku, to Pajda's place. She'll show you the way. Be led by the Force."

"And you, grandfather, what's your name?"

"Shpanner. I am Shpanner", the voice spoke.

Season Title Published on Time of the plot
Prologue Out of Darkness: Prologue October 5, 2017 None
Season 1 Out of Darkness: Episode 01 – Talk with Lars July 25, 2017 10 ABY
Out of Darkness: Episode 02 – Go Back to Jakku October 6, 2017 10 ABY
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