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Your powers are weak, old man.

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Orroz was a male Ryn spacer and tactical genius who worked on the Arkanian smuggler Maka Jeth's ship, Maka's Delight. He was also a member of the secret Ryn Network.

His best friend on the ship was the male Brubb spacer, Arboc. He had had no contact with Jedi before the Mission to Korriban, although his cousin, Amord, had been a Jedi Knight on the planet Belsavis. He assumed that Amord had died on Belsavis along with the rest of the Jedi.

He helped Nathaniel Kenobi Solo and Kyle Katarn gain Maka's and Duwingo's support in gaining passage to Korriban.

When Maka betrayed the Jedi and left Orroz and Arboc with them, he joined Kyle's group, which included Jaden Korr, Tenel Ka, Valin Horn, and Hivrekh'wao'cheklev.

His group was attacked by some of Darth Mutatos's alchemal animals and fled to the Tomb of Ajunta Pall. There, he helped rescue a ghosting Nathan from dying, after he had received wounds from a battle with Mutatos.

The group trekked to the planet's underground caverns and found two people of two different, unknown races. One was the Original Sith San-Props and the Korribanite Cornelius. The duo led them to their species's home.

In there, Orroz noted that there were several Ryn, who had been former slaves of the Sith Lords of old. He persuaded them to—after the mission was over—accompany him and to be added into the Network.

He accompanied Hivrekh to the surface, so that they could find Maka's Delight, and see if it was salvageable. On the way, they met two Shamed Ones, named Suturb and Ynotna Kram. The Shamed Ones agreed to help the Jedi, granted that they could find a safe place for them to live.

Orroz helped Hivrekh pilot the ship and used it to destroy coralskippers in the skies above the Court of Yun-Coria. After the battle, he got his "brothers" and gave the Shamed Ones a home with the combined species below.

Behind the Scenes

Orroz is Zorro spelled backwards.


  • The Redemption of Korriban: A Tale of the New Jedi Order