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Orion Forte was an infamous pirate leader. He had been a Jedi, but he left the Jedi Order to become a pirate. He found the White Star Pirates struggling, so he took control of them and made them into an enormous army of pirates and battle droids. Because of his Jedi training, he was a very formidable fighter. His very existence made the White Star Pirates' reputation that much stronger. Since, he knew very well how big an impact he had on the organization's reputation, he also brought in a few other fallen Jedi to his organization to strengthen their reputation even further.


Early Life

Orion Forte was born on Coruscant, so it didn't take long at all before the Jedi Council found him and brought him to the Jedi Temple. The Council said that Orion had a very big Force potential, so, they had to be careful to keep him with the light side. As Orion got older, he realized how great his potential was, so he began practicing much more in private along with the lessons from his master. As he got more and more powerful, he began to see flaws in the Jedi Code. No matter how hard his master tried, he could not stop Orion from getting mixed feelings about the Jedi. Eventually, when Orion was only 19 years old, he left the Jedi.

Becoming a pirate

As Orion traveled through the galaxy, he continued to practice with his blue-bladed lightsaber. After being a Jedi for 19 years, it is hard to abandon the lightsaber and get a different weapon. After about a year of travels, Orion discovered the White Star Pirates, who at the time were only a small fifty-man organization. The current leader of the pirates, Devin Mastruk, didn't want to give up the White Star Pirates, so he challenged Orion to a duel. Orion easily won because Devin was not expecting Orion to be a lightsaber-user. Orion killed Devin and took the White Star Pirates under his command.

Rise to power

Orion, with his amazing Force skills, was able to Force persuade many men to join the White Star Pirates. Orion even arranged a small army of battle droids to be built for him. He payed with money stolen from past raids. After fifteen years of Force-persuading and raiding relatively small areas, Orion had an army of over 6,000 pirates and nearly half that many battle droids. To help him, he had three other fallen Jedi. He decided he finally had enough pirates to begin trying to conquer the galaxy.


He picked the Mid Rim planet Ris'danon as his first target. Because his army was not yet big enough to handle itself, Orion personally came to assist the invasion. His army was doing very well at first, but soon, a Jedi interrupted his army. This was no ordinary Jedi; it was legendary three-armed Padawan Dak Jesser. Dak Jesser, after wiping out quite a few pirates that were already on the planet, joined up with an elite commando squadron and penetrated deep into the heart of Orion's fleet. As Orion was watching out the viewport of his ship, the door flew inward and Dak stepped in, lightsabers blazing. Orion drew his own lightsaber, and they fought. Like the Jedi Council had said a long time ago, Orion was powerful in the Force, but he was still not able to defeat the Padawan. Before the fight was over, the ship shook harshly. Orion and Dak turned to look out the window, and saw a Sith fleet coming towards them. In the madness that followed, Orion was not able to make it out of his ship in time and was killed along with almost everyone else in his fleet.

Behind the scenes

Orion's theme of Jedi-turned-pirate was inspired by the story of the canon character Lorian Nod.


Dak Jesser: True Enemy

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