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The Order of the Limpids was a noble, religious order of Force Muters united in their devotion to the pure light side of the Force. It was a cult founded during the Rise of the Empire, and it’s leader and devotees has no doubt in speaking up against the Emperor. The Limpds, Bleachers of the Force, were known for their unique and terrifying lightsabers, and their ability to stand up against power, as well as being nullifiers of the Force, believing in a “colorless, empty and blank” side.


There is no Light, and Dark, there is only Emptiness

Passion, without Peace can lead to Darkness

Yet Knowledge gained for Strength can lead to Impurity

Without Power, there is Serenity

Without Harmony, there is Chaos

Without Chaos, there is Silence in the Force, which Leads to Domination

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