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The Jedith Order isn't about winning or losing, light or dark. It is about using the force to help the well fare of the galaxy. The powers do not make the person.
Beran Tavik

Order of the Jedith was an organization built in 40 ABY. Its primary intention was to make an organization for the light, dark, and grey side of the force. The Primus Jedith on Tovaler was made as the main base and academy. They started taking in members, the ones that came were exiled Jedi and Grey Jedi. After three years, the Jedith made its first Jedith Assembly. After more people started coming, Jaria Lorrel made Jedith. They later instated another branch of the Jedith Democracy, a government which was made to gain land in the Jedith sector. After three years of colonizing, they took up two-thirds of the sector. They soon took control of the entire sector they could.

Once the Jedith Democracy was made, the Order of the Jedith established two other academies on Kataan and Jeda I, they were named Toaltus and Totemerarus. After four years of peace, the Jedith Democracy and the Ravage Pirates went to war in 51 ABY. The war started when the Ravage Pirates took a shuttle of Jedith and civilians held captive. The Jedith fought them on Kataan after a failed ambush on the planet. The war was later recognized as the First Jedith War. The war swept over a span of twenty years and ended in 63 ABY. The Jedith were victorious. They later rebuilt all that was lost in the war.

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