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The Order of the Imperial Knights was established in 44 ABY at the behest of Emperor Soontir Fel of the newly-formed Second Galactic Empire, he and his son Jag realized how useful to the new Empire a group of force-users would be.

Recruiting from the ranks of the Jedi Order, and several force users who served Palpatine's Empire, Jag's wife Jaina Solo began a new training regimen with the recruits, using her Jedi skills and the skills she gained whilst training under Boba Fett and his Mandalorians.

It was around this time that the latent force-potential within the Fel family was discovered, and so Soontir, Jag and many other members of the Imperial Royal Family trained to become Imperial Knights.

The main difference between the Jedi and the Imperial Knights was the Imperial Knight's devotion to the Emperor, whom they believed to be the embodiment of the Force.

The Imperial Knights were considered to be a replacement forPalpatine's Royal Guard, their armor and training regimen was partially based on that of the Royal Guard. They were trained at the Imperial Academy on Yinchorr, along with several other groups:

The Imperial Shadow Knights were a group of Imperial Knights who were specialized in the fields of stealth, subterfuge and assassination.

Training regimen

Imperial Knight training included:

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