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Post-Legacy era

The Order of the Dark Jedi, also known as the Dark Jedi Order, was an organization unified by its belief and observance of the Force, specifically the dark side. The Dark Jedi were the guardians of chaos, order, and justice, becoming the most greatest of the various groups that relied on the Force for their power. Led by a series of Dark Jedi Councils, the Order slowly expanded for a few centuries and became the enemy to both the Jedi and Sith.


Building the Order of the Dark Jedi

In 190 ABY, a young man named Jervis Dooku, a direct descendant of Count Dooku, was exiled from his family for refusing to follow his family's legacy. Moving through the region of Deep Core, Jervis landed on Bogan, one of the two moons of the planet Tython. While traveling to one of the ancient ruins of stone cities that were built by non-Force-sensitive Tythans long ago, Jervis encountered the spirit of a Dark Jedi who was exiled by the Je'daii Order for veering too much to the dark side. Sensing the darkness within him, the spirit introduced itself to Jervis and offered to initiate him in the ways of the dark side, an offer he accepted. The spirit taught Jervis for a several years, instilling in him the traditions and enhancing his skills through use of the dark side.

When Jervis completed his training, he traveled across the galaxy where he trained sixteen force-sensitives to serve by his side and return to Serenno for exact vengeance. After killing his half of his family, he chose to spare his siblings, including his twin brother Jarvis. On the first day in 200 ABY, Jervis travelled to his ancestor's palace, which stood on its own grounds for a few centuries. Hoping to train more force-sensitives in learning the dark side's knowledge, Jervis turned the palace into an academy and formed a council of him, alongside his brother, and eight members.